Your Favorite Part of Nicole's Body eyes?nose? etcetc

Favorite Part of Nicole's Body  

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  1. 1. Which part of Nicole's body do you like the best?

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Hello everyone, I have decided to go on and ask all of you one very curious question. And I also made a poll for you to vote on. This is the question that I wanted to ask each and every one of you today.

What is one part of Nicole's body do you like the best?

Please remember to try not to be too pervy, OK? I sure do appreciate it a lot

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Her eyes.

Perfectly shaped, they fit her face perfectly and I love the way she uses her eye make-up to accentuate them without over doing it.

Make-up or no wake-up her eyes. like her overall self, are flawless.

I can easily get lost in them, they just look "deeper" to me than any other person.

They say the eyes are a window to a person's soul.

Also, nothing wrong with those that choose her butt, it's not perverted at all, and definitely a nice asset to her. Her slightly bigger than usual posterior for Korean women yet still small and perfectly roundly shaped is quite appealing to me. I never get tired of seeing her shake it.

Interestingly enough I'd probably pick her neck and shoulders before her *** though if I had to rank her body parts in order of preference. Maybe even her abs and her chest first. I love small titties and tho she does not show them often, her tits look perfect to me. I sure did went crazy when she revealed some cleavage in her yellow and black outfit for Step's music video. Ah, ain't she inspiring.

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Definitely her eyes! Her unique cute eyesmiles aren't possible without those beautiful eyes!

Then maybe her butt since she dances with it in Mister so well. But that's because there's no face option, else I would definitely pick that first before everything else. Her facial features are beautiful and rare I would say.

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I really love her eye smile hahahaha basically love her eyes and her lips, they're a combination for me, but I pick her eyes. When she smiles, she makes me happy hahahha it's just infectious


Apart from it love her side profile since basically that's her face lol then her shoulder blades and collarbone too, find it sexy :D



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(Sorry everyone and sorry Nicole.)

(Sorry for the perversion, everyone.)



Personally, I would pick 'All' since I love everything about Nicole~ ♥

She's a perfect Angel like that~ ^_^

But, since you can't pick 'All', that made me cry lol. D:

I had a hard time choosing between all the options her 'Eyes' and 'Lips'.

But I picked Nicole's 'eyes'. :)

Her eyes are just so beautiful. <3 (Pardon my lack of vocabulary, such beauty is hard to describe with only words.)

When Nicole smiles, it's like catching a glimpse of Heaven.


I still reckon you should put an 'All' option there to make some lives easier. :3

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Honestly her legs impress me a lot...

I guess it can describe as a strong member? lol

Her eyes also i wish i can vote...but no option lol

She can compete with Fany >< they almost same ~

Reminds me back on idol show xD

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