[2012.07.08] Han Seungyeon, Stays at the Hospital Due to Acute Anemia...Unavailable for Foreign Promotion Activities 'Schedules


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Girl group Kara's Han Seungyeon is now at the hospital despite the foreign promotional events due to acute anemia.

According to Kara's company DSP Media on the 9th, Han Seungyeon suffered from headache and dizziness and with anemia symptoms; she has been hospitalized since the 7th in a hospital in Kangnam.

On the 8th, Kara was supposed to visit Singapore for their perfume 'K5J' promotion but due to Seungyeon's sudden hospitalization, only four other members will be attending the event.

Recently, Seungyeon has expressed headaches and with upcoming departure to Singapore, she told the company that her headache was getting worse and thus got treated. However, her headache continued getting worse and she had to be hospitalized and cancel all her schedules. Now she is taking a rest.

Through her company Han Seungyeon said, "I'm really sorry to the international fans that I didn't get to keep my promise and I tried to go along with my schedule by going to the hospital to get treated but it didn't work according to the way I wanted it to and I'm very sad. I will try my best to be healthy again and get the appropriate rest and treatments."

On the other hand, Kara will come back to Korea on the 11th after finishing their signature perfume promotions in Singapore. They will for now concentrate on individual activities.


translated by me

Hope Seungyeon bb gets better soon ;_;

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Awhhh! Seungyeon! You must get better! No, you WILL get better! Just rest and do not be sad. Your health is more important! I feel greedy too. >.> I was hoping for Kara's comeback as well but it doesn't matter now. Kara's health matters most! <3

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wake up this morning with this news. oh my, hammie. the symptoms looks serious. I wish she get treated well. and I wish she'll take care for her health more. she was faint and hospitalized too when KARA Step comeback but tried to go along schedule and back to studio afterward. glad that she's stay at hospital now.

get well soon, my hammie :(

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may not be this round but there will be another time. i shall wait for the promise.

rest well because you do want to go partying and eat heartily 2 weeks later.

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