[2012.09.05] Japan Mini Album: KARA Collection


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Credits for the solo songs

ワナドゥ (Wanna Do)

작사 : G-high, Lee Joo-Hyoung, Mai Watarai

작곡 : G-high, Lee Joo-Hyoung

편곡 : G-high

ロスト(Lost) (feat.ジヌン of 2AM)

작사 : Song Su-yun, Emyli

작곡 : Han Jae-Ho, キム・スンス(김승수), An Jun-Sung

편곡 : An Jun-Sung

シークレットラブ (Secret Love)

작사 : koo Ha-Ra, G-high, Lee Joo-Hyoung, Mai Watarai

작곡 : G-high, Lee Joo-Hyoung

편곡 : G-high

白昼夢 (백일몽)

작사 : Song Su-yun, Park Gyu-Ri, PA-NON

작곡 : Han Jae-Ho, キム・スンス(김승수), Hwang Hyun

편곡 : Hwang Hyun

ギルティ (Guilty)

작사 : Song Su-yun, Han Seung-Yeon, ONOMIYA SHINO

작곡 : Han Jae-Ho, キム・スンス(김승수), Yue

편곡 : Yue

credit :Everkara

GyulHamHara contributing to the lyrics i think? All songs seems to be produced by Sweetune XD

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@red not really sure if it works out that way..but it is great if it is true

here's zip tv intro to the mvs..they showed bts of seungyeon's mv and it's awesome..lol..the MCs of the show were impressed as well..haha

Full mv for gyuri's daydream


Full mv for hara's secret love

Secret Love

ps. Does anyone know how to embed dailymotion videos here like youtube videos?

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Really excited about these MV's. I really loved Kara's solo songs during the Japan tour!

Album Jacket Photos



Teaser Videos

1. "Wanado~u" by Jiyoung

2. "Lost" by Nicole ft. Jinwoon of 2AM

3. "Secret Love" by Hara

4. "Daydream" by Gyuri

5. "Guilty" by Seungyeon

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The quality of the MVs are incredible - the set and filming are all so awesome.

And I'm finding myself enjoying their solo songs a lot, especially Hara's one for now. Oh Secret Love~

And Gyuri's so elegant in her MV. Her white outfit and the hairstyle with it while she stood beside the man is totally mesmerizing. She's naturally beautiful and she should have her hairstyle like that more often. Goddess Gyuri!

Can't wait for Cole's and Jiyoung's MVs next week.

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argh, version A of kara collection has so much content >3<

Now that I've seen the japanese pvs of their solos, makes me wanna see the korean version even if there's probably a small difference..

plus the 60 minute documentary!

now if only had BTS of their pv filming~ i wouldnt mind paying more lol

gahh, cant wait to get a copy >3<!!

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Can't wait for my Version A!! KARA taking all of my money but I don't mind! XD

The production values on all the PVs is astounding - definitely a step up! More of this in the future please, Universal. :) My current favorite is Nicole's PV/music. I can definitely imagine myself listening to it at night while studying.

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actually Guilty PV reveals how Seungyeon never ages and maintains her baby-face.

she's a thousand year old fallen angel with some knowledge of magic. there's destruction around her, but she couldn't do anything. for her life goes on, as it has for 1000 years. her tools: spellbook, mirror, clock, bird, fire, explosions

that's why she feels guilty.

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