[CONTEST/EVENT] Get a Chance to Have a KARA FANMEET At SBS KPop Super Concert


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We have been contacted by Absolute KPOP, organizers of the SBS KPOP super concert on August 10, 2012.

If you have bought your tickets for the concert or is planning to buy, you can help KAMILIAS win a fanmeet with KARA!

Details are:

  • Each fan club will need to help sell at least 1500 tickets to the SBS KPOP SUPER CONCERT on August 10th at the Home Depot Center in Carson. By “selling”, it means help promote purchase of tickets and having attendees register their purchase online.
  • Each fan who has purchased a ticket will need to register his or her name, seat, and ticket number through our website (www.absolutekpop.com) in order to be counted. Ticket registration will end on August 2, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST.
  • Every fan club with at least 1500 registrations will be rewarded a fan meeting with their favorite idol group!
  • Fan meetings will be limited to 150 people to maintain the quality of the event. Therefore, the 1500+ registrations from each eligible fan club will be put into a lottery system to select the 150 attendees for the fan meeting.

It wouldn't hurt to try?

So we need those who have tickets or will buy tickets to register their tickets with us KARAHOLICS, as the representative fanclub.

1. To buy tickets go here

2. Register at absolutekpop.com

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Sad.... I am currently living on the other side of the world. Malaysia don't have these large KPOP concerts.

Anyways hope you guys can win a fan meeting with KARA !

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I wanted to go but the prices of the tickets are expensive, and there wasn't any refunds. SBS wasn't very good at giving information about the tickets before it was on sale so that was also a problem for me.. :( Oh well maybe next time. Good luck on gathering 1,500 Kamilias in LA. It seems a bit hard but it's possible ^^ Sorry I couldn't help :I

Please do take some fancam of KARA! Especially if Hara and Nicole is going to MC :) Thanks!

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sadly, I'm in Singapore and can't make it for this too. :(

but I really hope that we could hit the 1,500 mark and those lucky 150 could meet KARA!

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Oh man!!!! Just when KARA can come to this side of the world fate decided to not let me make it! WHY OH WHY GOD?!?!?!?! :crying:

I hope Kamilia can gather around enough tickets! come one guys I'll be cheering for you and for our lovely KARA, of course!


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