[2012.10.17] Japanese 7th Single [Electric Boy]


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i love it too, much more than pandora.

the chorus is catchy and addictive but it sounds cute too.

and.. high heel boots are back!

electric boy

lyrics: Shalamon Baskin, Mikko Tamminen, Faya, Emyli

composed: Shalamon Baskin


lyrics: Isogai Saimon

composed: Isogai Saimon

arranged: Isogai Saimon

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At first, I was so used to Kara's usual sweetune sounds that I was a little disappointed. But, after listening to it multiple times I've really grown to like the song electric boy! ^__^ It's really fun and poppy. I have to look up translations for it tho ~o~;; I only understand about 70% of it. xD

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The full song is okay I guess, the bridge before the chorus sounds a little out of place though, but the rest are good. The break when they are in the whit dresses is melodious and it really reminds me of Step's break too. Overall, it's still Pandora over this track for me though, but the instrumental seems to be a good jam.

Is it a new hairstyle or Hammie's hair looks novel on her when she's wearing the pink outfit? The parting makes her resemble one of concepts of an SNSD MV, just forgot who or what MV it was... Ahh I recalled, the hairstyle reminds me of the hairstyle and concept of Honey, and a little less retro.

Nicole should put her hair behind her ears more often. She looks really good when she does that.

I've gotta say I love all the outfits. Totally can see the Japanese style and design of them, like they're anime characters. Especially Jiyoung's blue outfit. Finally an outfit that makes her look a little smaller to fit the rest lol. :tongue:

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I really love the song.

Maybe because I really love KARA, there isn't many musics from them that I don't like (except KARA4 songs).

Also, I'm a sucker for J-Music, so that's a big plus

But Electric Boy is cool. I'm gonna see the PV again! >_<

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If you haven't noticed by now, the lyrics jjy posted are fake (and really poorly written as well) so please await the official lyrics (which I may or may not post, since I'm technically on a hiatus >__<) ~ Anyway, I just want to say that I like this song~ I'm not a fan of electric-y (?) songs but it's really catchy and fun, cute but not overdone (lol it rhymes), which is classic KARA. It's this over Pandora for me as well. I can't wait to hear what Orion sounds like! I hope it's about stars/constellations because I'm quite into that kind of stuff lol

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I'm hoping this single will sell 100k in first week ^^

anyone already have their predictions(on sales)? O__O

I'm quite afraid that this single can't reach 100k copies in 1st week since it' s a lead-in single. They will release the DVD/Blu-ray KARASIA in Japan and it will hurt the sales of both materials :( Not to mention that J-Kamilias already know that UMJ will release 3rd Japanese album on 14th November, so they will hold on and save up for the album coming out later. The situation is just like Jumping-Girl 's Talk or Winter Magic-Super Girl.

My prediction is

1st day: 30-40k

1st week: 70-85k

Total: 120-135k

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