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Hello. Just want to ask something. i just want to know what the japanese political issue or something that others have said for kara not be able to promote as much as they can for their new mini-album. sorry for the question. just want to know since i don't know about it. *bow*

I'm not really sure if it's any political issue that's causing the lack of promotion, but i'm pretty sure that people are referring to the current Dokdo/Takeshima Island dispute. Things have gotten pretty nasty over it and KARA were even asked about it, but smartly dodged the question (which did upset some people since they didn't take sides). A lot of us on the outside really don't understand why two countries would let a tiny island continue to divide them. There are a lot worse issues that have gone on with Japan and Korea in the past, and I guess this only helps to fan those flames.

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congrats and all the best to girls forever.

SHINee and KARA achieve Gold certification in Japan in Music

Groups SHINee and KARA both impressed when they achieved the Gold Certification in Japan.

On November 12th, according to the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), SHINee

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Holy crap! I had NO idea a Finnish guy wrote and produced this track! My mind is now officially blown. Uhhh.... But what I was originally going to comment is that I really dislike the bridge section where the melody goes twice up and down through the scales. It sounds very silly indeed. But I do like the chorus a lot, as well as the electronic sound of this song.

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