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If i remember correctly, during their debut year, Kara banned themselves from their cellphones, tv & laptops so that they wont get distracted.

Before (2007)



they used to put up Fans' gifts there too. but i dont have a picture/capture of it. lol

Now (2008 - present(gonna assume)]


the only thing that is missing is Cable for their Tv. :D w/o cable, they can only watch from the 3 major broadcasters - MBC, SBS & KBS

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the first picture...

so sad...

they should, by now, at least have an LCD TV or something better than that small tube...

cuz LCD TVs are pretty much standards these days...

kay. not should. they must. or i am, personally, going over to DSP headquarter RAWR haha

Pretty Girl got so much attention!

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LOL I agree with the LCD tv!! (And why not add cable as well?) >.<

*storms off to DSP headquarters*

Anyway, I was wondering, so in the apartment,

they all live together? >.>

Some of them go to school from there?

And.. and.. when do they see their parents?

LOL sorry~ this has been on my mind whenever I see

groups living together in an apartment.

Kara's look really roomy :3

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seriously. these girls should at least get a modern tv lol..

yea sy was like.. the cable bill is only 10 bucks a month but the manager won't get it for them lol

but i'm sure if they really wanted it.. they'd ask right? Pretty Girl freaking helped DSP lol

i think they need a new dorm, or rearrange the couches or something..

andwe never saw JiNiRa's room before lol

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@ Annloveskara

yes they all live in the same house/apartment. all the idol groups do. may be except for like DBSK... well actually not sure but practically they are living in the same house cuz they have to go everywhere together...

and they go to school in that area. so pretty much fans know where they live and which schools they go to. so like on DC Kara for Jiyoung, there were fans who were planning to go to her graduation lol

and lastly, they would meet their parents when they have like a day or few days off... thats's why like in interviews, when the question asks about the bad part about living in a dorm, they always say they miss their family and stuff


lol they should get a new dorm...

but i know that SNSD's dorm room isnt that much better than Kara's.. just a little bigger cuz they have nine people lol. I know SUJU has two dorm rooms. 2PM's dorm is pretty nice too. Big Bang's dorm is pretty darn nice. i haven't seen other groups' though.

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i've seen Wonder Girl's dorm and its SO SO nice. :P they even had an exercise machine there. lol.

i think for SNSD, they said that the reason why they didn't put in any couches in their dorm is to make more room for practicing. lol

but yea, i hope they'll upgrade their tv and add in some cable. cause i think in one of their Zoo Zoo Club episodes, the girls were watching Little Mermaid. :P

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^^ haha yea they were watching The Little Mermaid..

but probably cause they wanted too and also b/c there's nothing else ..haha

i saw ss501's dorms before..when all of them used to live together..

hekka nicer than KARA's lol.. so i'm thinking the more successful they get..

they'll get treated better :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

everything is still the same even though there's no more sungja and it has a TV, Hara and Jiyoung now~

heh... now that Vitamin isn't there, at least let the girls have cable DSP!!! what kind of tv that has no cable??? :D

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Every time I see the dorms of idol groups I just keep thinking to myself, "It's like college dorming." haha

Kara's dorm isn't too bad. Everyone seems to notice the TV though, which I also agree with; they need to get a better one. lOlz I think they deserve it right?

Kara's is better than SNSD, but as stated before, it could be cause they have 9 members. But for the most part SNSD's rooms look fairly plain (just look at the room Tiffany and Seohyun use). And as for Big Bang...yeah, their dorm is pretty nice. I wouldn't even use the word dorm...apartment. haha

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lol theyre proo :D

i cant live without computer and tv... my cell i hardly use xD

KBS SbS and MBC .. are the most ''important'' ones kakakaka :D

i soo like their dorm :D

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hmm, could i use the Tv then? hehe. :tongue:

may be they can use it by playing a movie on CdPlayer..

if they are allowed to watch some, :D

i wonder,

how do they look when watching really scary movie... :lol:

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^^ i know right? lol.. i was ....... when i saw their dorms before compared to KARA's it's like a suite lol

i really hope they move into a more suitable place.. i mean nicole, jiyoung and hara cramped into one small room and i don't even want to think about closet space lol

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