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My 3rd plot idea.

This is set when Kara was still in there dorms. Everytime Kara leaves the dorm their animals come out to play with Nadia as the leader. One day they decide to have the best day of their lives and they go out of their dorms and travel the world. But they have to be careful not to be caught by animal catchers or be seen by their owners. They travel around the world visiting various famous landmarks around the world and have the best time of their lives. We flashback to modern times when a dying Nadia talking with her friends about how she had a great life.

You and Pink are making me cry (in a good sad story way). Maybe you and Pink could combine your stories. One advantage of your story having them travel the world is that will give us a way to incorporate the video from Kamilia.

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I really wish I can do these things but I'm not talented in anything! T.T Lol, ahhhhhh!!!!!! x.x I'm dead cause of time difference of the meetings too!

Don't worry AppleJaJing. One of the goals of the project is to get every Kamilia involved somehow. You'll have your chance to participate.

it feels a little weird.

How is that supposed to get DSP's intention? Cause I can't see the point. :dumb:

If it didn't feel a little weird, the project wouldn't be on the cutting edge of art, now would it.

I don't think I can help T_T though I really would like to help.

I'm not good with animation. I'm more of an editing type of girl.

I wish you good luck and I'll be looking forward to see the final results! :gemnoway:

Kamilia, fighting! :gemcheer:

Thank you very much.

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One fine day in 2010, when Kara went out to perform Lupin, the animals of Kara decided to have a UAN meeting.

Nadia(the leader): Lets do something we have never done before, lets break out and have the time of our lives ^^ we always see the unnie/noona's having fun, lets do something that they always do. Lets travel the world!

Everyone agrees unanimously however before they were able to plan or say anything Kara came back from their performance really tired.

So the animals quickly packed up the stuff for the UAN meeting and started to gather around and tried to cheer them up using animal aegyo and give the girls energy ^^

However the girls had to quickly leave again to perform again. So the animals gave them a hug and let them leave. (well besides for sungie and wonie since they are, well they are hedgehogs :P)

The animals quickly took everything out to resume the UAN meeting and started to discuss where they want to go.

Malia comes in late (since he is part of the UAN as well as the animals representing all the Kamillas) and agrees to a plan for a holiday.

They start planning for an holiday and decide to travel the world.

Mocha and Chino scream out together, WE WANT TO GO TO MUM'S BIRTHPLACE . Lets go there and see what her country is like and learn about her country.

Mocha: Not to mention we could go to the national parks

Chino:And breath some fresh air ^^

Nadia: Sure lets go there, any other suggestions?

Nubi: I am scared, a lot of things could happen. What if something happened to us?

Puri: Your always scared, have we ever let you get hurt? Relax its okay ^^

(Insert places they want to go here) *You guys have to tell me where they go and which country you got the footage from.

*Ill save it here for everyone to see whilst Im working on it and I will be back to add and edit stuff ^^ please add creative feedback as well ^^

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