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Official Nail Shop Paris Thread

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Oh no Bunny, don't do that to Alex ;;;;;;;;

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Some of my fav caps from Ep.8 :gemheart:




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I will go crazy If Bunny doesn't end with Kay !!!!!!!!!!

Alex is a nice guy but Kay is awersome

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^^^ Gyuri's character's name is "Bunny"? That's........sort of weird. Anyways, I'm still impatiently waiting for this drama to finish, get eng sub for all episodes so that I can finally watch it.

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Can't wait for the next episode... is it the last episode?

I like the Key and Bunny couple. I think he's more interesting than Alex and he was always there for Bunny, to protect her and help her. But she had a crush on Alex first.

I really don't know who she'll decide to stay with (but I hope it's Key :gemcheer: ).

Thanks for the pics!! I'm watching the drama on Dramafever.com, in case anyone wants to watch it (subbed! ^^)

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2 unreleased cuts that are not shown in Korea!!!! wow 0_o Japan~~~ btw, that 2 unreleased cuts might be BTS cuts right ???... well, that's what i'm hoping for :gemcheer: BTS cuts of all Kay-Bunny scenes!!!! :geminluv:

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Nail Shop Paris Interview on BS11 Han Love :)

Trailer (starts airing on DATV in Japan 14 July)

credit uploader

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why is she so cute ? His bias in KARA is Park Gyuri right xD


′Nailshop Paris′ to Air Overseas

Park Gyuri′s Nailshop Paris will soon be airing around the world.

The drama, which airs through MBC Queen and MBC Dramanet, has been sold to various countries.


China and the Philippines have also shown interest in the drama, and many others have been giving positive reviews.

America and Canada has even been providing video-on-demand services with English subtitles.

Officials say Kara′s Park Gyuri and MBLAQ′s Chundoong have been towing the drama to its success overseas. As a member of the popular Kara, Park Gyuri especially affected decisions to purchase the rights for the drama.

Nailshop Paris will start airing in Japan from July 14 on DATV. It will air for 12 episodes, two more than its running in Korea, with more previously unreleased material.

The drama has been running to favorable reviews in Korea.

Photo credit: DSP Media

credit : http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/39343

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aw hehehe so fast...i'm about to post now hehehehehehehe

Thank you

Edited by edr49890

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its the last episode tomorrow ...




credit @nailshop2013

not sure if this is posted before >__<





credit @NaePark

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[HanCinema's Drama Review] Nail Shop Paris Episode 6



The Nail Shop Paris team of invasive people have done it again. They've saved a person in time to be home for dinner. I really don't know how they can solve people's life problems so quickly. It must be magic. Or, illogical.

This week's illogic focuses on a girl who has a crush on her female best friend. The Nail Shop Paristeam of mostly men help her to confess and come to terms with her one-sided love - in a matter of days. If only real problems worked out that way. If only I could go to a nail salon full of sizzling hot male manicurists who could solve my problems by looking at my nails.


Kei from Nail Shop Paris Episode 6

In all seriousness though, one of the strongest points of the episode was how Kei's "homosexual" love for Yeo-joo is paralleled by the customer's love for her friend. Watching someone else struggle with the same issue is a turning point for him. The customer's journey to confession prompts his own.

Kei readies himself to confess to Yeo-joo even though he knows she has a crush on Alex and that she's been agonizing over her feelings. But before Kei can confess, he overhears Jin and Yeo-joo talking and discovers that she is a girl.

Based upon what I know of Kei's character, I have had a particular image in my head of how he'd react. In a word, he'd be furious. He's a cold, curt, quick-tempered guy. He's not someone who would take this kind of deception lightly, especially not when it messes with his emotions. So when Kei overhears the truth about Yeo-joo's gender and approaches her, I expected anything but what I got: a hug. A HUG! He hugs her! He confesses to her! Talk about character inconsistencies.


Yeo-joo from Nail Shop Paris Episode 6

I'm baffled by this show's appeal. I honestly enjoy watching it despite the horrible editing, mediocre acting, nonsensical scripts and strange inclusions of the fantastical. I can't quite put my finger on what makes it so fascinating. Maybe it's the equivalent of poking a bruise. It hurts when poked, but I can't help poking it. Watching this show hurts, but I can't help watching it.

Written by Raine from Raine's Dichotomy

"Nail Shop Paris" is directed by Park Soo-cheol, written by Seong Min-ji and features Park Gyoo-ri-I,Jeon Ji-hoo, Song Jae-rim and Cheondung.

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its the last episode today !


[c] @nailshop2013

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more captures from the last episode :





























[c] Everkara & KARABOARD

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last episode! I liked de ending :)

it wasn't the best dorama ever, but it was nice and the story was interesting. Gyuri did good! Plus, Alex and Kay were hot hihihihi! :gemhoho:

Kay was definitely my favorite ;)

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