[GIVEAWAY] The Happy Days of KARA's Anniversary


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When I first became a fan of KPop, Kara was admittedly not my first fandom. As a fan from the Philippines, I was exposed more to fandoms of the Big Three variety: SHINee, Super Junior, Big Bang, and the like. I actually preferred boy groups to girl groups (as a result of my “growing child hormones”. Kidding.) As a result I was (and still kind of am) an SM Town stan. I deeply adore them, but I know now that no other artist will measure up to the kind of love and admiration I have for Kara.

To be honest it wasn’t love at first sight for me and Kara. I’d seen Hara on Invincible Youth and found the girl absolutely gorgeous and crazy (which was a good thing. Crazy, I can relate to.), but it didn’t translate to anything for the group itself. I checked out their Lupin video and while I thought the song was quite legit, I was drawn to them more out of curiosity. I didn’t quite love them yet, but for some reason I felt there were so much more things I needed to know about them: and so I watched their shows and saw all their music videos, and then BAM. A Kamilia was born, in late 2011.

I love Kara’s music videos and I love their songs, but I know that what I will always love the most about this group are the girls themselves. I actually went through a hard time during my first year at this prestigious arts school and had some trouble with my grades and whatnot, but Kara really did help pull me through everything. I watched Kara’s old interviews back in the times when they were struggling (yes, I am that creeper who downloaded almost everything from the KARA4 thread in the Sweet Melodix Mediabox. Teehee.) I watched and re-watched and then watched again Kara’s Miracle Story: I’d tell myself over and over again that if I worked hard and didn’t give up like Kara did, I would succeed slowly but surely. Every time I wanted to stop, just lie down, go to sleep and never wake up, I’d think of our beautiful girls’ never ending perseverance. And then I’d stand back up and fight for myself again. { I even had these awkward moments where I’d compare my life to Kara’s career. I’d go all “Okay, Aika. Right now it is your Break It era. You are doing well but from now on you must work harder” and then “It’s Rock U era now. You are doing better but you can’t slack off, now you must continue your hard work…”}

After this, Kara has begun to inspire me more than ever. I see the way they talk and react to things, and I believe that they are truly role models to follow: Gyuri, recently, has inspired me to be more confident about myself with her “One shines with a brighter light when one believes in oneself” quote. Because they are open about the way they take care of themselves and their bodies (I especially admire them for being open about how they diet. I wouldn’t know if many girl groups do this as I’m pretty much a girl group noob but oh well) , I’ve learned to follow their example of eating healthy food and taking care of myself and my body.

This is why I try to give back as much as I can to Kara, for everything that they have inspired me to do and be from across the sea. I applied to become a staff of Karaholic, and wrote an article about them in this newspaper I write for in the Philippines. OuO

149546_478789608823407_196016869_n.jpg [P.S. Sorry about the choppy manner it was written in… Our editor likes to make our articles understandable for kids. Or something like that.]

However I am, sadly, a very broke fan. While I am rich in “digital” merch (I can proudly say that I’ve downloaded pretty much everything there is to download on Karaholic) I do not have a single piece of Kara merchandise that can actually be touched and held besides my hard drive.

Which is why it would be really great for me to be able to win this giveaway. Sorry for the super long write up, but I felt like I needed to express my love for Kara as much as I could. Thank you for reading!

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I'm from Anaheim, California (home of Disneyland WOOOOOOO) and I've been a fan of Kara since about August last year. I know that's not a very long time compared to most of the others here (it was just a week or two before the Pandora release) but I've had my fair share of life-taking obsession. Kara was my first exposure to Kpop (since I don't think Gangnam Style would count), and has since taken a place within my heart. I've done my fair research/browsing of the other groups, and even with maybe Girl's Day or EVOL as runner ups, nothing compares to Kara. I have an undying bias for Han Seungyeon, who contains the same natural knack that Kara has to be able to seem so irresistibly adorable yet sexy at the same time. I go to a dominantly Asian school (73% Asian by actual statistic) in which about half are Korean, so the fact that I'm not Korean puts me down a little in the eyes of my friends. Nevertheless, I can't let go of Kara, so I hope one day I'll be able to see them live. Considering my age, that won't happen for awhile, but I'm looking into collecting as much as I can in regard to albums and posters. Thanks for reading.

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I am Lara and I am from Sydney Australia.

Kara is the reason I why I fell in love with kpop. Back when I had no idea what kpop was, my friend showed me Star Golden Bell and I fell in love with Kara straight away. They inspire me to always be positive and never give up no matter what the circumstances. If I ever feel down I just play a Kara song and I feel happy straight away. Just seeing their faces brightens my whole day. No matter what happens I will always be a Kara fan. Pearl peach runs through my veins!

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Proudly made in the Philippines here! *raises hand* Truth is.. I was not a fan of Kara, onlu a fan of Nicole. T-ara was the first group to introduce me to kpop after watching them perform Lovey-Dovey on mcountdown. I was randomly switching channels that time. And so, I started tuning in to that channel and then they aired Nicole Come To College. Which, pretty much gkt me hooked into Nicole. The only song I knew from them is Step and Mr. Which was performed by Ruby on a show in the Philippines. And then... This online writer used Gyuri for her fictional character, and I realized "hey, isn't she a member of Kara? The group which Nicole is in?" so I started watching videos of her and just got hooked. Then I started to know the rest of the members. A tv station aired City Hunter which casted Goo Hara, I found her cute there. I watched Invincible Youth 'cause Hyomin was there and I was currently a queens back then. Goo Hara stood out during that time for me. After a while I lost my interest in them (sorry) 'cause I got into Sistar, which is pretty much up until now. I became a fan of Bora. So I heared that Bora was a part of the 2nd season of IY and watched tue show, then Kang Jiyoung was there. Seing her witty personality hit me hard core. And I came back to watching previous Kara variety shows and MV's again. Then I saw Seungyeon on Speed Up and I was stunned by her. I mean, shoo looks soo cool with that hairstyle and outfit of hers. I don't really have an ultimate bias group, but I can say that Kara is the only group wherein I love all of the members. I only like Jiyeon on T-ara and only Hyorin and Bora on Sistar. I won't deny that I'm a 4nia and is hooked by Hyuna.

The reason why I love Kara is because of how hard they worked to become who they are up to now. The 4 member Kara wasn't successful back during 2007 and I don't know why some people couldn't grasp the awesome songs they released during that time. Sunghee had to leave the group, so Seungyeon had to appear on variety shows to promote their group. On which, was also a hard thing for her to do since Kara really wasn't much known. Then came Hara and Jiyoung into the group. They started appearing on variety shows as a group and worked their way to the top. They're the group that inspires me to work really hard. Nicole even taught me to "smile always" even though there comes a time when life's hard. I'm amazed on how they managed not to break down during those hardships. So I always tell myself that I could do it too. I'm going to audition on some entertainment companies and just like Kara, I will work hard to reach what I want to reach.

I'm really amazed by them. Not just amazed, but also inspired. No matter what, Kara won't get easily replaced in my heart.

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Another Kamilia from the Philippines :)

Why do I love KARA? Well, why not? KARA is one lovable bunch of ladies. Not only because they're beautiful, but also because of their dedication. They are dedicated on what they do, always working hard and doing their best. They are dedicated in reaching out to their fans (I just missed a twitfest of Jiyoung and Nicole :( ). And they are dedicated in making everyone around them happy. They are idols for some, inspirations for others, and most importantly, a family for all of us. KARA may be just another girl idol group from South Korea, but for me (and I must say for others as well), they have been an important part of our lives. True, it's not like they're just a house away. But that doesn't stop these girls from reaching out to us, as much as we reach out to them. It doesn't stop them from doing their best, reaching for their dreams, and staying who they are. And that, in entirety, is something one can truly love about these girls.

In the end, I do believe that it is harder NOT to love these girls.

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I'm Kamilia from Malaysia.

I love KARA so much but cant even get 1 KARA album because i have no money to buy and my brother and sister are not kara fans they are sone's :touched: I'm the only one in my family that like KARA so i really hope i can win the CD.

I love Kara is because they are very cute and pretty,Besides that,in my opinion,KARA is the most hardworking group in korean girl group,that is also one of the reason I love Kara,after they done their comeback in korea,after a few months then they will go to Japan to do their comeback in Japan. Whether their schedule busy, Ji Young will go to college. They try their best to become one of the top group in Korea,that kind of spirits is hard to have in anybody,so I really really love them.

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I'm a kamilia from the U.S (more specifically, Pennsylvania). I've been a fan of KARA for four years now and I've been listening to kpop in general since '08...so like five years now? KARA wasn't the first girl group that I encountered when I first got into kpop and when I did watch their earlier music videos, which included "Pretty Girl" and "Rock U", I have to admit that I wasn't really impressed with them at all. I just remember thinking to myself like what the heck did I watch? lol. But then, "Honey" came out and I was pretty hesitant to watch/listen to it...however, I decided to give it a shot! I was so glad that I not only gave them a chance, but in a way that fate also gave me a chance with them too. I liked how simplistic the "Honey" video was and the song was/still is catchy to this very day.

Even after "Honey" though, I still didn't consider myself a true fan yet. I felt like KARA was a mystery since they weren't on many variety shows yet. Like most other kamilias, I became a fan in '09 when "Mr." came out. I believe this was when KARA's popularity sky-rocketed for sure, so even more variety shows and appearances! That time period was when I learned a lot about these five beautiful girls and their individual charms. Unfortunately, a year later was when everything turned for the worst. The lawsuit between KARA and DSP just shattered my heart and spirit. I remember watching KARA in Japan reading the supportive messages on a television screen and crying. That image has stayed with me ever since then and every time I think about it, I ever so ugly cry too. I've never cried over any group, not even my many bias boy groups (specifically DBSK, who split up the year before) so I kinda surprised myself when it happened. To be honest, even if I could, I wouldn't have changed anything about that lawsuit. Although others might have thought it was bad, it taught me two important things: 1.) KARA is a strong group (for sticking with each other through thick and thin) 2.) kamilia really is a family (we all supported each other and KARA not only through the tough times, but always)

To Kamilias, thank you so much for befriending me and others as well! The love and support we have for KARA is just amazing. I'm proud to call myself a kamilia because we never cause any troubles for our girls or to any other fandom (even if they don't do the same for us lol). We're not the biggest fandom out there, but we're probably one of the most united fandoms for sure. Thank you for cheering our girls on at events when I or other kamilas couldn't. Oh yeah, thank you for all loving the girls equally and not alienating any of the members! I love you all~

Finally, I want to thank my five (six) angels Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Nicole Jung, Goo Hara, Kang Jiyoung, and Kim Sunghee for allowing me to give girl groups a fair chance and for being exceptional role models. I honestly can't find anything wrong with any of the girls (like seriously, how do some of you guys pick out only one bias?!). Although KARA isn't the greatest singers/dancers in kpop, they have something that other groups don't have and that is heart. I haven't seen a more humble girl group than KARA (even if they are already popular) and that's another thing (out of the million reasons) I love about them, they haven't changed since debut. Congrats on the anniversary girls! Six years down, a whole bunch more to come!!

p.s. thank you karaholic for having this giveaway, even if I don't win (sadly)...it was just nice to let out my feelings for KARA and Kamilias. Sorry this was so long lol.

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I'm from California, USA.

Why I love Kara is that it's because of their flaws that make them flawless. They learn from their mistakes, they're sensitive, they're human just like us. Through Kara, I learned to take chances. I learned very well that even when they are breaking on the inside, they still smile for their future and fans. Yes, they became an inspiration to me. When you fall in love, everything about that person's doing in flawless. I have fallen in love with Kara's charm. I love the fact that they're so different from all these other K-pop group and that's what's unique about them. Every one of them have their own charms and when one feels lonely or whatsoever, all of the members will try to comfort each other. They're all caring. They could be arrogant too, but what can we do or say? They are only human. So the answer to the question is because that the Kara members are all humans and always put their fans first, not because they are Goddesses. (That's over exaggerating.) They're idols, so people look up to them and learn from them so that the fans/people themselves could also be successful in life like Kara. I am quite honest that Kara is the only reason why I am still with K-pop. I am a PROUD KAMILIA that will love KARA forever!

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hello ..~ I'm Jes :productive: from Philippines ~ I've been a fan of Kara since 2009. I started to love them because of SS501. I always pair Kara to SS501 especially Gyuri and JungMin ~ ^^, I always listening to their songs one of my favorite is "Pretty Girl", Gyuri was my first ever girl bias, i like her attitude and being a goddess ke ke ke. I've been addicted to their songs. Almost all of their songs are so catchy, and pretty simple to sing along like Mister.!!

“♪ Mister la la la la ♫” :15541758: :32524216: :51333867: :85896326: :81766871: I'm very happy when I saw and meet Kara's former choreographer Dasuri Choi, a famous dancer and choreographer of the oh so famous "butt dance" Mister. ta~dah!! Meeting her is like meeting Kara also. She's staying in the PH. ~

Sometimes I envy the Kamilia's from Korea and Japan. ( :gemwin: peace) because they always have the chance to see and watch Kara perform live. We witnessed the up and downs experiences/moments of Kara :gemadmire: ~ but what i really like about their group? They always stay together. :thankful: We love them so much, and they double their love to their fans, We know how popular they are, and i love their attitude being humble, and how much effort they always give just to keep their fans happiness~ I also salute them and all Kamilia, I can say that Kamilia is one of the peaceful fandom.! Like idols, like fans ~ it just reflects how Kara is so good. And I’m so proud that I belong to this fandom called Kamilia~ :gemwin:

I've been a fan but i never had a chance to have their album even one. But it doesn't mean that I don't support or I'm not a true blooded Kamilia. :gemduh: I always wanted to have their album :gemcry: , but it's really hard to find one in my country, they sell kpop albums, Kara's album is just limited to some Music store only that's why it's hard to find one, well maybe because I'm staying in my province that's why.. ke ke ke ~ I really really wanted to have their album. if ever I'm one of those 8 lucky winners this is my first ever Kara's album . ke ke ke ~ hope to win this time cuz I always join contest wherein you can choose what album you want if you won, I always choose Kara's album but sad to say I always lose :syc6: . hahaha but i never give up i continue to join different contest until i read about this.~ LOL !! Then again joining this giveaway The Happy Days of KARA's Anniversary. Thank you for reading ~ Good Luck to all of Us ~! :gemcheer: God Bless~! :thankful:

:cheerful: -Jes from PH

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Hi~ I'm Kamilia from Malaysia~
I'm actually a new Kamilia(become a Kamilia last year, 2012).. However,I had watch "Heroes" since 2011 and started to love Nicole but i have no idea about KARA that time.. After a few month i "followed" Nicole, i knew about a team called "KARA" and first i don't really like them except Nicole.. but in a show "Invisible Youth", i knew Hara better and "invisible Youth 2" made me love Jing too.. Gyuri had made me love her in SGB especially "20 years old beautiful girl=GYURI" while SeungYeon made me touched in "StrongHeart" about what she had do to make KARA famous(I cried at that part..think that they shouldn't be treated like that, they deserve a better condition..) So, I started to watch their video(from 2007-2012) and i found out that they had changed.. From a boyish image KARA4 to cute image KARA5 , and now they are more mature now.. Then, i knew the news about they were going to break up as a group.. i searched the news and knew that they are still present as a group now and i knew the reasons why they were having a problem with company.. My heart broke since i saw the news and started to get myself to be a KAMILIA to protect them.. I registered at Karaholic to be a real Kamilia that always support them.. So, i support and respect JunHara whatever decision they made as long as they were happy and not regret with their own decision and life, but now there was a news came out(i suppose all of you know that), my heart sink since i saw that, i almost cry and curse the reporter.. But i calm down after awhile and think that that are their life, we shouldn't be so selfish about hoping them to be together forever but they ain't loving each other.. Huuh, calm down for awhile and i think we should think about how to make Hara and KARA happy..(stop talking about the bad things, i should talk about the reasons why i love KARA)Why I love KARA?? I'm not really sure about but i think it's because of they are different from other girl groups.. In my opinion, they are more hardworking than others(although others are hardworking too), they had gone though more difficulties than others and they knew the ways to solve all the difficulties , they respect everyone(not like other groups that are famous in a few month and start to be proud and rude), they are great senior, they have their own charm, they are great dancer and singer, they are qualified to be love by Kamilia, they have the privilege to be love by us.. and so that is why i love KARA.. :gemsorry::gyc5::syc2::nc1::harac4::jyc2:


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I am Kamilia from Malaysia

I like KARA and want to Thank KARA for accompanying me in my university life. I have a tough life but KARA "support"me a lot.I learn from KARA not to give up until achievement of success.How KARA grows up and how they fight to achieve this success really imply me,and these always be in my mind as my life guidelines :)

I will graduate in 3 months later.This new song Bye Bye Happy Days seems like telling me to treasure the moment I have in my university life.i will enjoy the rest of my university life.I am so touched when listening to this song and after knowing the meaning,it is so warm and real.Thanks KARA!

I will keep supporting KARA!Happy 6th Anniversary!KARA and Kamilia forever!

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Hi Karaholic! Great job on the contest! I will probably get the album anyways lol, but this way I can give one to a friend!

So I started really by watching Invincible Youth and really loved Hara on that show! From that point on I looked more into Kara, watched Bakery, Idol Army and so many other shows, and now I follow their news and updates! Full blown Kamilia! =) They are such a great group, with a very strong and emotional story of how they got to their point today!

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hello I am kamilia from hong kong^3^

I became a kamilia in around 2009..I still remember they are the first girl group I known and get interested in :)

that time drama 'boys over flowers' is really popular in hk, because of kim hyun joong, i get info about DSP, and discover besides SS501, there is one girl group under DSP...

my friends recommend me to listen to 'honey', this is the first song I listened by KARA, and starting from that time I fell in love with these 5 pretty cute girls♥

they may not be the girl group having the most powerful vocals, the most beautiful legs, or anything else, but they are angels, goddesses to me♥

in my heart, they are beautiful. not only their appearance but also they heart! they keep their faith, dont give up when they meet obstacles...

words can hardly express my love for our dear 5 girls. they inspire me a lot, and also teach me a lot.

seeing their tears, i will follow to fall tears; seeing theirs smile, i will follow to smile..

because of them, my life is complete

gyuri+seungyeon+hara+nicole+jiyoung=KARA; forever supported by KAMILIA

i have to admit KARA isnt the only korean gp i love, but always at the top:)

no matter their album concept is cute, bright, chic, sexy, whatever, to me, KARA is the BEST:)♥

so im still waiting them coming to hk for concert lol :(


ps. happy 6th anniversary!!!!!! althought it is 1 day before;P

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Hello! I'm a proud Kamilia from Brazil yay!!! I'm a Kamilia since 2010. Since I started listen to K-pop in 2009 they got my attention with "Wanna" and the perfection that is the album Revolution. But everything as a stan of them started in 2010 with Lupin. I was watching evey performance, listening the mini so many times for day that made me got into them and listen to their previous releases. Since the release of Jumping (both Japanese single and mini album) I'm a Kamilia because after I listened to the song, for unknown reasons, my body started to tremble like crazy (those things still happen with me these days when I listened to the song) and that was a sign from the heaven that my song was finally born and that made me automatically a Kamilia. Since there I support the group the way I can: promoting, buying their albums (digitally because, unfortunately, I can't buy their albums physically yet :gemcry: ) and etc. Since that day KARA turned into my favorite girlgroup and today they are one of my favorite artists ever. I'll support every member (specially the Goddess Supreme Park Gyuri), every release and every project of them every day until the end in 3985. Really proud to join this gorgeous fandom, one of my best choices ever. :thankful:

Sorry for any typo or error, English isn't my first language

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Im Kamilia from Malaysia,

I really love to be Kamilia, and KARA is my inspiration, when i first know KARA, i was thinking this girls are so young and successful, then i was interested to know more about KARA, when i find out that Goo Hara and Nicole Jung is born in year 1991, i was surprise that they are same age with me and have become so famous and successful. Every business student have the same dream of being a successful business person as soon as possible, but i am just a business student that are pursuing my Degree, with the dream of being a successful business man, but as time past, it feels like the dream is really hard to archive, but whenever i look at how HaNi goes through all the hard time of being a artist, it truly inspire me to never give up on my dream and one day i might just be as successful as them, each and every time i listen to KARA song, it will keep motivating me that i must work harder to succeed in life, KARA is my love and my inspiration, every new album produced by KARA will boost my morale on the effort of pursuing my dream, as i respect them on their determination and the patience they have to face on the obstacles that comes in their way, i have learn that life is never easy, but with determination, no matter how young or how old you are, you can be successful.

As a business student, i might not have much expression when writing how happy i am as a Kamilia, but i can only say i will go around different places to support KARA with all my heart, i might not be rich till i can go around the world to support them, but i will always be happy for them and cheer for KARA in my heart with love! I have been to Singapore just to support KARA for the showcase of K5J perfume, i have spend day and night to participate the contest of MTV World Stage ticket till i win the ticket so i could cheer for them in Malaysia, i have stand at the concert for more than 6 hours just to wait for that moment of KARA performance so i could sing and dance with them, and i have sit under hot sun for more than 4 hours at Golden Disk Award in Malaysia waiting for entry so i could get closer to the stage to cheer for my beloved KARA, all this are just my way of expressing my determination to show how much i love KARA, but such determination are all thanks to KARA that have made me into a person with patience. I wish i could win this album of KARA (Bye Bye Happy Days) and i will always cheer and support my sweet heart KARA whenever they go.

To all Kamilia, i know many of us have been through hardship to cheer for KARA, i wish we all will always be there for KARA like we always have been. Love KARA with all my heart.

Good luck to all the Kamilia, and thank you for your time on reading my message. Love to all Kamilia and KARA!

Robin Tan from Malaysia :)

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A Kamilia from Singapore.

I first discovered Kara in 2009..It was probably because of their song Mister that made me hooked onto them and hence i started checking out more about the group. Lupin was the song that made me a total Kara fangirl fanatic.I am the type of person who doesn't really check out female groups or singers but it was different when i saw Kara. It was like i was attached the moment i saw their performance. Since then, Kara have been my inspiration as an idol, i look up to them a lot. I practically went through my teen years with them. They have been the only female group that idolized until now. They are just not pretty on the surfaces but are pretty on the inside too.They never fail to provide me with new satisfying music and performances. I was disappointed that i could not attend the K5J event when they came to Singapore as i was having my finals in preparation for my graduating papers that year. But even so,i will always be supporting them forever no matter what they go through!

Kara fighting! \(*^▽^*)/

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I'm from Brazil!

I love KARA because of their true personality, their perseverance in overcoming errors, their happiness of being on stage.

They do not need to pretend to be happy, because no matter what happens always have KAMILIA to support them.

I love their cute songs, sexy songs, their sweet voices ~

I love KARA

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Hello KH. :) I'm a fan from Singapore ! yes, that tiny red dot.

When am I a fan of Kara?
I'm a fan of Kara around 2008-2009. When Nicole just joined The Star Golden Bell Challenge (Level with me) !
well, truth to be told, I'm actually a fan of Nicori first. hehe,
Back then I didn't know Nicori was from Kara, cause I didn't pay much attention to who was performing in Kara.
but then when I started to dig into more information,
I know she was from Kara, and Kara was the group I'm a fan of on that day onwards.

Why am I a fan of Kara?

From the starting, as I've mention before, I am a fan of Kara because of our Tweety. haha
but as time passes and I got to catch Kara more in shows,
I came across Strong Heart Episode 4, where Hammie tell everyone about her being The Kara Protector.
Well, from that day, I've learn alot, more than I've imagined.
Long story short, I'm a fan of Kara because they sing with their feelings, they do not just sing because they want to get over and done with.
They're a Role model, they do not give up easily, they stand up with they fall.
They're beautiful, like flawless.
They dance & feel the music.
They have Hammie ( my bias now ) & Nicole inside. :)
They set a goal and they work towards it. ( Tokyo Dome )
They're friendly to their fans.
5 = 1 ! :syc2::harac6::jyc4::nc1::gyc5:

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I can see that most of kamilias in here are from Asia or USA :gemsorry: :gemsorry: Well i'm from Algeria ...if you wonder where is this then it's in north africa :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

When did i start like KARA ...I have no idea * shame on me* , but it must be in the late of 2009 :blushing: :blushing: At that time i couldn't stop listening to Mister :81766871::eyelove::32524216:

Why do I love KARA ...as if the heart need reasons to love , the truth i love them for their personalities ...Nicole the most , i was amazed by her in the special episode of let's go dream team ...SHE DOESN'T LIKE TO LOSE .

I whish if i knew them 6 years ago .

I can't write more like the rest :nc1:

Of course I'd love to have this album :adore: Just like the others :crybaby: So, i wish good luck to all of us :nc3:

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Hello um... I'm from México and I'm a fan of KARA since late 2010, when I fell in love when I listened Wanna and some other songs, but somehow Wanna had something special for me and I starting to knowing more of the hallyu and on... (but I remember seeing Honey on Arirang when they were promoting it back in 2008 and I still remember Jing her teddy bear as something I liked lots of it.)

But I fell in love with the girls of KARA which seemed gorgeous sexy and cute, but somehow with the time I starting to love JiYoung deeper but also I knew better the other girls and I liked stuff from each one like as Gyuri's voice, Nicole's dorkness, Hara's eyes and dacnes, and Hammie's smile laughs...

And then I started to like her more and their songs as were realesed like Jumping, JCL and on...

I'm happy to be a Kamilia also because I started to listen to them in a bad moment of my life but along with this new stuff happened and well I'm happy to be here celebrating this day.

¡Have a nice Kamilia day!

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Hello, I'm from the Philippines and I've been a Kamilia since late 2009~

It first started when K-pop idols became famous here in the Philippines, and I became more interested in idol groups~

One day, while watching Arirang TV's Pops In Seoul, I saw KARA's Honey MV and noticed something that really made me a fan of them easily, Hara looked like my Senior crush in our school~! I was so happy that time and really got immersed about them~ :harac2:
After watching that, I started to research about them through Google and found out a lot more about them, specially Hara which was really special for me~

What I really love about KARA is they really stood out because they got through their problems and still going strong, showing everyone that they still stand strong~ :harac6:
I also love their quirkiness that they have at variety shows, specially their own show KARA Bakery(And that's technically the reason I joined here in Karaholic)~
I am very happy as a fan and I will still be a Kamilia for many years to come~ :harac3:

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I'm a kamilia from Malaysia, currently in Sydney.

I firstly came to know about Kara because of SNSD (I was a sone first). I get to know Kara because they attend really a lot of tv shows together with soshi, and then slowly i took notice of them. After that was Invincible Youth, where I not only get to know more bout Hara and her yoochi jokes, the episode when Nicole came was truly epic as well.

I truly became a fan during their Lupin era, if I remembered correctly. mostly attracted by Gyul's goddess-ness, Jjing's cuteness and Nicole's sillyness (the character she showed in SGB hehe). but today, I'm hammie bias hehe. She is totally adorable and can be really cool at times, but she will forever be a kid in my heart though she is a noona ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway, it is already Kara's 6th anniversary, and the 3 years I spent with them, gave me lots of memories, laughter, and sometimes sorrow. We've been through many things together, and most importantly they always able to cheer me up whenever I'm down. Though they always say that they gain energy from Kamilias, I would say the ones benefited the most from this relationship is us, Kamilias. Thanks for everything and for being with us. I will forever be by your sides too. Love you all! especially my hammie :syc3:

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