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KARA is doing better and better year by year, this is all because of their hardworking and all the victory fit with them... KARA had came over these tough years with countless tears and sweats, they even swallow all sad in themselves and no any grumble with it, KARA always perform their best whenever the time, concert or fan meeting or just some music program...... KARA had sacrificed more than how much we can imagine, so, all of this is deserved for them to get.........And, as I am a KAMILIA although I'm powerless, I hope all of us can support KARA full with heart, because we are the best KAMILIA who will follow the best KARA forever, this is how much I can done for KARA, and I'm proud of KARA, that the most precious in this life...........

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I Really want to have Fantastic girls at my hands!! I would buy those magazines too if it wasn't for shipping that's so expensive! lol I can't waste too much since their Korean Comeback is coming up and I've been waiting for this since forever lol dkfjadklfjkdjfkd I'm so excited for this comeback! But I hate that psy is also coming back in September! ARGH that's gonna be tough so let's prepare Kamilias!!

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  • [MAGAZINE] August 10 2013  body+9  

  • [MAGAZINE] August 23 2013  Myojo   9

  • [MAGAZINE] August 24 2013  TV navi 10

  • [MAGAZINE] August 30 2013  mini 10

  • [MAGAZINE] August 27 2013  EXILE 10

  • [MAGAZINE] September 4 2013「TV LIFE」

  • [MAGAZINE] September 3 2013「りぼん」10月特大号     

  • [MAGAZINE] September 4 2013「anan」1871号                

  • [MAGAZINE] September 7 2013「POTATO」10月号

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Good afternoon. DSP Media.


The 2013 Hallyu Dream Concert KARA appeared Booking is releas.

Booking after you have understood the instructions below please.



<2013 Hallyu Dream Concert>

Date: 2013 10 월 6 일 (일) PM 6 시

Location: Gyeongju Civic Stadium



<Booking Information>


Schedule: 2013 9 월 12 일 (목) PM 8:00 ~

Tickets: 8,500 won per sheet (including shipping)



※ 2013 Hallyu Dream Concert, the fan club seats are not otherwise specified. Booking is free if you want to seat. ※





1) Free tickets set aside does not light the individual must be obtained in advance: the seat.

2) admission tickets when necessary, and are not allowed Runtime Environment before refreshing.

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News: Gyuri and Hammie will be MCs on a variety/music show that will be shown on both TBS (in Japan) and SBS (in Korea) ! The show is called "THE SHOW All About K-POP"   CS simulcast broadcast on TBS channel and South Korea SBS MTV! New program of K-POP 'THE SHOW All About K-POP " will be broadcast starting from October! 

The MCs of the new program will be Japan's super popular group KARA's leader Gyuri and Seungyeon. 


@aje and steprider


Not sure if it will be a 1 episode thing or it will be a regular weekly show.

The 1st episode will be on 25th Oct 10pm-11pm.

Oricon Weekly Chart


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2013 KARASIA 2nd JAPAN TOUR ( Share your experience Kamilia ) Yokohama Day-1&2 (Complete)   1st ARENA just completed KARA will moved to next arena..     and    KARA"s sales for 2013



Saturday, 28 September 2013
KARA: 302,052 Unit sales










[Event] 131019 Seungyeon MCing at the WORLD KUK SOOL WON SUPER FESTIVAL
131019 KARA won Best Group Female at Korean Entertainment 10th Anniv Awards in Japan
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    YOKOHAMA 2 sold out


    OSAKA 2 sold out

    NAGOYA NIPPON Hall 2 sold out

    FUKUI 2 sold out

    SAITAMA ON info Yet

    KOBE 2 sold out




  • KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour to have a live Viewing 11.24.2013 (Karasia Kobe)
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