[2013.04.30] Nicole, Refreshing Spring Girl Cover

sarah k

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Nicole from KARA received much attention on her cover shoot revealing a refreshing Spring girl look.

Nicole did a cover shoot with a green colored healing concept for the recent issue from a fashion magazine, “SURE.”

Within the illustration, Nicole’s refreshing coolness full of life left a good impression.

Especially, the concept of refreshing green leaves with emerald color healing style shining brightly like a gem, gave a healing sensation to those who are looking at her.

Nicole transformed into a shy Spring girl wearing a floral print skirt while showing off her belly button with a different charm. It’s fun to see her consistent s-line body figure while increasing a level higher in beauty.

Continuing, Netizens commented on Nicole’s spring girl cover look saying, “the green looks so good on you,” “receiving energy from the refreshing and bright look,” “slim body. bursting with coolness!”, “Nicole’s charm stands out so well in this cover.”

Meanwhile, KARA is actively promoting their single album “Bye Bye Happy Days” in Japan.


Translation: sarah k @ karaholic

Source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201305010100002430019114&servicedate=20130430

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i think she makes the clothes look beautiful :geminluv:

I noticed that something strange in her legs in the second photo . After analysing :shocked: I saw that one leg is larger than the other .

Stupid photographer :gemangry:

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A beautiful photo shoot for a beautiful girl.

I really like this new hairstyle and her usage of eye-liner. I missed the way she used to have those sexy killing eyes back during the mister days when she always wore eye-liner. I'm glad to see that look again. This time it's even more nice as she has grown more beautiful since.

The picture with the white shirt is giving me quite a hard time... It's beautiful yet incredibly sexy all at once. I love it! But I cant look at it for too long otherwise I start to lust for her and my head spins hahaha.

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i love the concept, they chose the perfect model

Nicole is so beautiful! showing a bit of sexiness with her cute & bright image

hopefully she gets more opportunities to appear in more photoshoots

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I love how she looks youthful, pretty and sexy in this one....
(Also I like green but anyways) I love how she always shows us her smile and confidence....

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wow! such beautiful photos :) i really love if this news forum can be as part of one of the main pages in this forum so navigating to the news article would be easier for users :)

Thanks for the input :)

In the meanwhile, please continue to visit the news thread for more great articles!

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