[2013.06.12] KARA Nicole Spotted at Girls' Generation's world tour


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  • Girls' Generation's youngest member Seohyun took a group shot with her fellow '91 line friends.

  • Seohyun posted the adorable photo above along with the message on the group's official site: "Introducing Seohyun's friends! My loyal '91 friends who came to watch the concert despite their busy schedule (Nicole, Kibum, Howon, Sungyeol) and my cute dongseng Sungjong~. And they aren't in the photo, but Minyoung,Minho! And even Ock Juhyun unni, who likes Seohyun the most! Seriously, thank you all~^^. I think I'm a happy person who has a lot of good luck when it comes to friends~! Hehe. Once again, thank you to everyone who came and supported us~ I love you~ I'll only give you happiness <3."

  • KARA's Nicole, SHINee's Key, INFINITE's Sungyeol, Hoya, andSungjong joined Seohyun for the photo taken backstage at Girls' Generation's world tour, '2013 Girls' Generation World Tour Girls & Peace'.

  • Fans commented, "It's good to see their friendship," "All the good looking people got together," "I wish I could be there too," and more.

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i suddenly remember a scene in star golden bell when key said that although he and seohyun are in the same 91line they are very very awkward. maybe not anymore?

oops, i'm not supposed to talk about the others too much in KARA's thread right? but i can't help it XD

anyway i'm glad to see nicole in GG's world tour, she is such a great friend especially to her 91line friends :D

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