[2013.06.24] Kara Announces Plans to Hold a Second Arena Tour in Japan


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Before 24,000 fans gathered for its fanmeeting, Kara announced its plans to hold another arena tour come October.

On June 23, Kara held its fanmeeting Kamilia School in Yokohama, Japan, performing before 24,000 fans across two separate shows. This day, Kara announced that it would hold its second arena tour Kara 2nd Japan Tour 2013 - Karasia.


The tour will start in Yokohama on October 8, then travel through Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Fukui and Kobe, gathering a 140,000 audience.

The group′s first arena tour took place in April 2012 across six cities with 150,000 fans. At the time, it even sold out tickets to its Saitama Super Arena concert, proving the great popularity it enjoys in the country. The tour was followed in January with a Tokyo Dome concert, making Kara the first K-Pop girl group to sell out a Tokyo Dome show.

Fans answered the announcement with great applause and cheers of anticipation.

In the meantime, the Kara members are currently filming the cinedrama Secret Love with director Kim Gyu Tae of That Winter, the Wind Blows.




KARA 2nd Japan Tour 2013

Japan Tour in October and November at Yokohama, Saitama, Nagoya, Fukui, Fukuoka and Kobe.



8.10.-9.10. Yokohama Arena
16.10.-17.10. Marine Messe Fukuoka
23.10.-24.10. Osaka Castle Hall
29.10.-30.10. Nagoya Rainbow Hall
9.11.-10.11. Sun Dome Fukui
19.11.-20.11. Saitama Super Arena
23.11.-24.11. Kobe World Hall

credit: PonytailCanyon



Kara announcing second Japan arena tour in October/November

2x Yokohama

2x fukuoka

2x Osaka

2x Nagoya

2x Fukui

2x Saitama

2x Kobe

Credit : dmn


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Excellent, I really liked all the KARASIAs but I hope they do something cool and colorful as the 1st Japan (Which is my favorite because it's consistent with the story (During all the concert intermediate videos showcases the adventures of the dolls of the KARA house)

And even that I love the solos of Tokyo Dome and the production and the performances of Electric Boy, Pandora & Orion the story is lost so quickly.... =(
also the bonus Disc lasts MOAR xD

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AMAZING! Can't wait though I can't go to the concert but any news regarding Kara's concert will always excite me. ^_^

true hehe

anyway some UPDATED article here


and the rest of the link its there

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