2013 KARASIA 2nd JAPAN TOUR ( Share your experience Kamilia ) Yokohama, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukui, Saitama,Kobe -DAY 1&2 (Complete)


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Those KAMILIA were just too GREAT being fans of KARA, so dedicated and loving towards KARA, supporting the concert until the last second, just a simple message 'We Love KARA' had enough to conclude all our love for KARA....... So, 2nd KARASIA finally end now, I will wait for the next time also, for KARA, I can wait for any long time......... KARASIA FIGHTING!!! Enjoy tonight!!! Dear KARA!!!

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두달동안 고생많았던 카라.야마앤핫칙스.댄서동생들.매니져들.스탈리스트.헤어 메이크업. 그리고 감독님과 스탭들!!!!!! 정말 수고 많으셨습니다~~~♥   Kara have gone a lot through, during those 2 months. Yama and hot chicks. Dancers, Managers, stylists and hair make-up artists. And the director and staff!! Thanks for the hardwork ~~~♥ (trans. by Tomolo and @yooniqda_)


cr. @hotchicksbyj

We found love Nicole solo fan photos (mash325)   dd2b29b64ab011e397c912431a28be7b_8.jpg



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Miracle_5 ‏@_Miracle_5 16h

"Show has been over" announce said many times, but Kamilia never stop to call "KARA JJANG!



23 Sat & 24 Sun NOVEMEBER

KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour has officially ended....................








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The Surprise EVENT that J-kamilia planning for..  

  • Special placard event by Kamilias during the last concert.

노래부르려다 이거 햔수막 내려와서 애들 폭풍운다… 아 눈물남 pic.twitter.com/BzprSuCYti


이많은 사람이 이거 들고 멤버들도 다울고 나도 울고 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ pic.twitter.com/en9NFtYrue


KARAへのサプライズ成功。KARAからありがとうと。こちらもありがと。 2013 KARASIA KOBE Final. Surprise to KARA 영원히 함께해요 ずっといっしょ #KARA #KARASIA pic.twitter.com/TAFIYI7Q7F


KARA 깜짝 성공. KARA에서 고맙다고. 이쪽도 고마워.
2013 KARASIA KOBE Final. 
Surprise to KARA 
영원히 함께해요 계속 함께



shared by steprider

"Let's be together forever"

I understand they did this before the song Ima Oguritai Arigato. As expected the last concert in Kobe is an emotional one.

Tweets from @Miracle5:


  • "Show has been over" announce said many times, but Kamilia never stop to call "KARA JJANG!"
  • "KARA JJANG!" call was loud and never faded out. We didn't know KARA would come out again. It was out of program.
  • We didn't care. We just wanted to praise KARA. So we continued to call "KARA JJANG!" 
  • And then, finally, KARA came back with big smiles! It was the out of scedule act! We shouted! We cried! 
  • KARA said thank you again. We shouted thank you to KARA again. And the Karasia 2013 finished. Really a happy end. 


Love it. Wish I was there.

  • by ultraman88
    Reports from twitter says that all the girls were crying, especially Cole was crying rivers.
    Kkangjji was crying even during the "Step" performance. 
    And Kamilias were crying, too.




[FANCAM] 131124 KARASIA in KOBE "영원히 함께해요" "Special placard event by Kamilias during the last concert."

credit uploader

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I think it's also from 24th. Really clear pic





Hara: "We will work hard to be able to hold another KARASIA next year too. Please, keep supporting us." 

cr: kamilia taiwan

shared by Steprider


Somehow i still believe that it all might turn great for KARA and Kamilia and we might be granted with at least one more year

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[FANCAM] 131124 KARASIA in KOBE "영원히 함께해요" "Special placard event by Kamilias during the last concert."



credit uploader


From the Youtube clip of the surpirse event.


Gyul: We sing this song because we also want to show your thoughts in a song.           

          Now... and in the future... (then she sees the screen)  

Jjing: Waa! Everyone did the best, didn't you?

         It's real...waa!!         

         Thank you everyone!         

         Everyone tried the best and can't say anything more...         

         Please hear us. "Now, I want to give, Thanks.."    

규리: 저희들도 여러분의 마음을 노래해 드리고 싶어서 이곡을 부릅니다.

       지금도 .. 앞으로도..


지영: 와 ! 모두 열심히 했나요 ?  정말..이군요 와 !!

        고맙습니다. 여러분!

        모두 열심히 했고 아무 말도 할수없지만..

        들어 주세요. 내마음을 담아서..

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From Gasengi.com Kara Village
The last Kobe performance of Karasia tour and the post event tweets.
I will write the English trans below the Korean trans of the Japanese. The original tweets are from the Japanese Kamilias. Sorry for some awkward phrasing. I was trying to get it done quickly and it's a 2rd translation from the original.
アンコールでサプライズ!“WE LOVE KARA”の文字がスクリーンに映し出されファンの写真も。老若男女に愛されていることを実感!そして会場のファン全員の手には“ヨウォニ ハムケヘヨ”のバナー。驚きと感動で泣き出すKARA…(/_ ;)
 앵콜에서 서프라이즈 ! "WE LOVE KARA" 글자가 스크린에 비추어진 팬의사진으로도, 남녀노소에게서 사랑받는 것을 실감 !
그리고 회장의 팬의 손에는 "영원히 함께해요". 놀라움과 감동으로 눈물 흘리는 KARA...
今贈りたいありがとうの前に 「WE♡KARA」の垂れ幕 
ハラちゃんがみつけてみんな号泣 しばらくして歌いはじめるけどみんな泣いててうまく歌えず
1番終わって全員がサプライズで 「一生一緒」 的な意味のハングルのボード掲げる また号泣
내마음을 담아서' 전에  「WE♡KARA」현수막
하라짱이 발견하고 모두 울고 잠시후 노래 시작했지만 모두 울어서 잘 부르지 못해
한번 끝나고 팬 전원이 서프라이즈로 한글 보드를 들어올려 다시 울음.
Before the song "Now, I want to give, thanks", the banner for [We Love Kara]
Hara jjang sees first and all the girls cries then starts the song a soon after; however, all the girls were crying and couldn't sing the song well.
When the song ended, all the fans raise the surprise placard with the Korean words "Let's be together forever!" and the girls cry again.
karaのおかげでいままで楽しめた! なおやと東京とかいろいろ遠征した! めっちゃ楽しかった!
karaが5人じゃなくなったらもう東京とか行けへんようになるかなぁ(u_u) まあいままで楽しかったからいいか(笑)
KARA 덕분에 즐거웠어 ! 겨우 도쿄나 여러곳 원정나녔어 ! 엄청 즐거웠어 !
KARA가 5인 아니면 도쿄라든지 갈수없게 되겠지 ㅠㅠ
I was so happy thanks to Kara! Thanks to them, I went to Tokyo and other places! It was so much fun!
If KARA is not five, I won't have a chance to visit Tokyo againㅠㅠㅠ
藤原 奈央@nao70fujihara
오늘은 하라에게 가까이 가기위해 센터 나누었어요.
오늘 KARASIA. 앵콜도 끝나고 조명도 켜져서. 종료 아나운스가 흘러나오는데도
카라짱 콜이 이어지니까. 왜 안 돌아가는거야~! 라며 등장해 주었어 ♡♡
Today, I wanted to be closer to Hara so I divided the center (don't understand what she is saying).
Today's Karasia, when the encore stage ended and the dome interior lights came on, people didn't leave even with the announcement for ending of the concert. Call for Kara jjang continued, the girls came out asking 'why don't you go home~!...
객석「카라짱 ! 카라짱 !」
장내「방송대로 오늘의 공연은 전부 끝났습니다..」
객석「카라짱 ! 카라짱 !」
이런 공방전이 한참 이어지며. 스스로 뒤 관객들이 나가기 시작한 그때 !
장내가 팟! 밝아지고
「그만 돌아가지 않으면 안된다니까~ㅎ」「이걸로 정말 마지막이야ㅠ」라며
무대 구석에서 종종 걸어나오는 멤버. 하라짱 머리에 타올 두르고 ㅎㅎ
Audience [Kara jjang! Kara jjang!]
Hall [as announced, today's concert has ended..]
Audience [Kara jjang! Kara jjang!]
That was going on for a while, and when the people slowly gave up and were starting to depart, then!
The hall becomes bright with lights!
[You have to go home now~] [This is the endㅠㅠ] the members come out from the corner of the stage; Hara jjang with a tower around her head ㅎㅎㅎ.
 고베 최종일 미력하나마 니콜 서명활동에 참가했습니다.
스탭 여러분 . 수고하셨습니다 !
I participated in the signing for the support of Nicole at the Last concert for Karasia.
To the steps, thanks for your hard work.
r e i k a@Reika70124
정말 행복했어 ♡ 규리가 사랑해요.. 해줘서 엄청 기뻤어 ♡♡ 내마음을 담아서" 서프라이즈에서
KARA가 눈물... 하라가 말한 '내년에도 KARASIA 하겠다며 믿고 기대하라고 ♡ 오늘 고마워 ♡ 5인 너무좋아 ♡
I was so happy. I was so happy that Gyul said "I love you".
Kara was crying from the surprise before the song "Ima, Okuritai"
Hara said "We will do Karasia next year, please trust and wait for us."
Thank you for today. I love the five so much.
 오늘 돌아오며 은테이프를 건네주신 분이 있었어요 ! 테이프 갖고 있어요? 라고 물어서
갖고 있지 않다고 답했더니. 그럼 드리겠습니다 !  받은 후 수고하셨습니다 ! 말해주시고.
매우 기뻤어요 ! 고마웠습니다 !
Today, someone gave me the silver tape! The person asked "do you have a tape?" and I said no.
"Then, I will give you some!" After handing me one, "you did a good job!"
I was so happy! Thank you very much!
しいたけ @ujiujikinoko
ジヨンちゃんがあんなにボロボロ泣いてたの初めてみた… 最後のSTEPも泣きながら…! 涙のSTEPとかほんと珍しい光景でしたわ
울며 읽은 편지가 완전 제가 쓴 것과 같은 내용으로. 아마 모두 같은 내용을 썼을터..
그래도 지영짱도 감동했을까... 기뻐서 눈시울이 뜨거워졌습니다 !
감동이 식지않은채 혼자만 울지 않던 지영짱이 춤추지 않고 울고있었고..
지영짱이 그렇게 엉엉 우는 것은 처음 봤어.. 마지막에 STEP도 울며... 눈물의 STEP은 정말 보기드문 광경이었어..
지영이가 「절대 잊지말라」고 이별을 아파하는 기사가 나오지만  그런 식이 아닌데...ㅠㅠ
승연. 규리. 하라도 마지막에 전원 울어버렸어.
The letter I read while crying was so much like what I would have written. Perhaps, everyone would have written the same.
I wonder if Jiyoung jjang was moved...I got teary eyed from happiness.
With the emotion still not subsiding, Jiyoung was not dancing and crying (during "Step"-everyone raised their placards) when she was the only one who didn't cry first (when the banner came on).
It was the first time to see Jinyoung jjang crying so hard...even crying during the last "Step"..."Step" stage with tears was really difficult to watch.
Jiyoung was singing [Never forget] (the lyrics expressing pain of parting) but it shouldn't be like that...ㅠㅠㅠ
Seungyeon, Gyuri, Hara, they all cried in the end.
KARA의 리더가 규리언니라서 정말 다행이었어. 이번 KARASIA를 통해서 새삼 느꼈어요.
멤버에게도 팬에게도 상냥한 규리언니 너무 좋아해요 ! 고마워요 규리언니 !
It's really fortunate that Gyul is the Kara's leader. I realized it again from this year's Karasia.
I really like Gyul who is so nice to the members and the fans. Thank you Gyuri unni!
まさやん kara垢@1310380031k
kamiliaいませんか? ずっとkaraと歩んで行きませんか? ニコル姉さんとジヨンの号泣した思いはkamiliaに対する感謝じゃないですか? 今度はkamiliaが応援しませんか?
 KAMILIA 안계세요 ? 계속 KARA와 걸어가지 않겠습니까 ?
니콜과 지영이의 눈물은 KAMILIA에 대한 감사 아니겠어요 ?
이번엔 KAMILIA가 응원하지 않겠습니까 ?
Are there Kamilias over there? Shall we not continuously walk with Kara?
Don't you think the tears of Nicole and Jiyoung are their appreciation for the Kamilias?
This time, wan't the Kamilias cheer them on?
규리언니와 승연은 역시 멤버 모두의 언니네요.
규리언니의 겉보기와 다름이 너무 좋습니다. 이런 보석같은 아름다운 분이 맹렬히 대쉬.ㅋㅋㅋ
KAMILIA에게 큰 감동과 행복을 주어서 고마워요. 앞으로도 카라와 함께 가겠습니다.
KARA는 앞으로도 저의 기둥. 세계 제일 사랑해요 ! ! !
As expected, Gyuri and Seunyeon are unnie's of all the members.
I really like Gyuri's difference from her appearance. She is beautiful like a jewel with passionate soul, ㅋㅋㅋ.
Thank you for giving Kamilias with deeply moving emotion and happiness. I will be with Kara to the future.
Even to the future, Kara is my pillar of strength. I love you the most in the world!!!
目 閉じたら胸が苦しくなる程、さっきまでの時間が蘇ってきて涙でてくる。私の大好きなKARAちゃんがそこにいて、KAMILIAのおっきな声援が会場に響 いて、映画館でもたくさんのKAMILIAが一緒にいて、ひとつになったんですよね。はぁ。涙とまんない。(笑)私達のKARA、最高!!!
눈 감으면 가슴이 미어질 정도. 조금전 까지의 시간이 되살아나 눈물이 흘러나와.
나의 소중한 KARA가 그곳에 있고. KAMILIA의 커다란 함성이 회장에 울리고.
영화관에서도 많은 KAMILIA가 함께있고. 하나가 되었지요. 아~눈물이 멈추지않아요.
우리의 KARA. 최고 ! ! !
When I close my eyes, my heart aches so much. The times from moments ago rise again and tears start flowing again.
My precious Kara is there. And Kamilias' thunderous cheer is shaking the concert hall.
There are so many Kamilias at the movie theaters as well. We were one. Ah~tears won't stop.
Our Kara. The BEST!!!
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Yes JI Young face was starting to change during Kara step performance. I saw from the big screen. When she is dancing and the camera zoom at her. She is trying to hold her tears back but her face is that face where is is going to cry. She stop slightly during step to compose herself but she continue dancing until she cried.

Oh that sign mean "Let's be together forever"? I have been wondering.

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Yes JI Young face was starting to change during Kara step performance. I saw from the big screen. When she is dancing and the camera zoom at her. She is trying to hold her tears back but her face is that face where is is going to cry. She stop slightly during step to compose herself but she continue dancing until she cried.

Oh that sign mean "Let's be together forever"? I have been wondering.


Yes, the sign says "Let's go together, forever."

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From the live viewing of the last stage performance at Kobe.  

These are UNLISTED videos. Please be thoughtful about sharing.  

The concert had 2 separate long MC'ing parts. First was after the first two songs.
This is from the 2nd MC'ing part before JCL.

(Gyul and Jjing's part was too short so I am not posting.)

Hammie & Hara (watch how Hara is reaaaallly careful and trying not to cry and talks very measured and slowly)

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This is my translation of the Korean translation from the original Japanese.

It's a post write up of the part when the girls were giving talks right before "Ima, Okuritai..

This is right before they opened the banner "We love Kara"

After this talk, they will sing "Ima, Okuritai.." then the audience will raise the placards for "Forever together with Kara" and all the girls just loose it and cry.

It's the last show of Kobe show.

Sorry for some awkwardness (the Korean translation seems like a machine translation).  

Here is the soundcloud link of the clip. It's about 18 minutes long. (You saw the part of them above ^)    




Japanese (in that order)


11월 24일 KARASIA2일째 고베 공연에 다녀왔습니다.

투어 마지막 날이라는 것과 멤버의 계약 문제 등에서 이 밤의 공연은 개연 전부터 멤버의 이름을 절규하는 소리가 난무 이상한 분위기 속에서 스타트했습니다.



I attended the Karasia concert at Kobe on the Nov. 24th.

Even before the start of the performance, the hall was full of a strange atmosphere with numerous shouts and screams of the fans due to the fact that this was the last performance of the tour and the contract issues standing in the back of everyone’s mind.

Lupin에서 제1곡이 시작된 모든 공연과 같은 구성했는데 JiYoung이 "YMCA"와 "학원 천국"을 1일째와 2일째로 바꿔 불렀습니다.


The show started with “Lupin” as the first song just like the other stages but Jiyoung’s solo song was changed to “YMCA” from “School Heaven” from the first night.

객석에 모인 팬이 목소리를 맞추어 공식 응원은 이 밤의 고베 2일째가 가장 큰 이야기가 나왔다 생각합니다.


The coordinated fan chants for the 2nd night of Kobe was most loud and it will be reminded as one of the big news items.

이번은 여기에서 갑자기 마지막 멤버의 MC를 소개합니다.


Here, I want to introduce the members’ MCing from the show.


오늘로 투어도 끝나지요. 정말 유감입니다.

2달 동안 여러분과...(눈물로 말할 수 없는)

(객석에서 니콜, 니콜의 대합창)

(잠시 얼굴을 들지 않았습니다.)



2달 동안 여러분과 정말 생겨서 정말 너무 기뻤어요.

콘서트의 추억을 만들어, 여러분의 얼굴을 보게 되어 정말 기뻤어요.

전하기 어려울 때도 있었지만 또 여러분과 내가 부르고 싶은 이유, 춤추고 싶은 이유를 생각해낼 수 있었습니다. 정말 감사합니다.

그것은 KAMILIA의 여러분이 있어 사랑 받고 있으니까.....(눈물)

할꼐요 지켜봐 주세요. 사랑합니다.

I am already disappointed that tonight is the last night of the tour.

With you for two months... (start crying and can’t talk)

(Audience is shouting Cole’s name. Huge loud chants for Nicole)

(Nicole can’t raise her face)

Jiyoung: Ok?

Nicole: OK! Everything.

I was so happy to be with you all for the last two months.

I was happy to see your faces and be able to make precious memories of the concerts.

It is sometimes difficult to convey, but it reminded me again why I want to dance and sing in front of you. Thank you very much.

Because, you the Kamilias are there and receiving so much love from you... (cry)

I am going to keep going...please watch over me... love you.











Ji Young

나 가도 될까?

여러분 우리의 "O""MO "" TE""NA"" SHI"은 어땠습니까?

글쎄요, 오늘까지 많은 지방을 돌며 마침내 여기 고베의 공연까지 왔네요.

오늘은 마지막 공연이니까, 여러곳에서 오셨다고 생각합니다.

오늘까지 전부 공연에 와 주신 여러분들 있습니까?

14번 다 온 사람?

아 있죠, 너무 감사합니다.

저도 많은 공연을 해서, 이미 익숙해졌다고 했는데 또 오늘 긴장했네요.

오늘은 마지막이어서 하고 싶은 말을 다 합니다.

우선은 가장 추억이 된 것은 내가 KARA KIDS에 들어가도 아직 괜찮구나 하고 생각한 겁니다.


하하하 거짓말이에요.

저와 같이 힘내 준 여러 지방의 귀여운 KARA KIDS의 여러분에게 고맙습니다.

그리고 여러 장소를 돌아다니며 먹는 맛있는 음식입니다.

다 맛있었지만 히츠 마브 시네, 나고야가 가장 맛있었습니다.

그리고 너무 많이 먹어서 살 좀 쪘는지도 모르지만, 맛있었어요, 감사합니다.

나머지는 여러분의 편지입니다

계속 오면 항상 편지를 써 주셨지만, 그 내용을 보면 여러분들이 우리에게 항상 기운을 받고 있다고 말해 주셨지만, 그 말은 정말로 감동이었어요.

우리는 대단한 일을 하는 거 같다는 생각이 들었습니다. 많은 사람들을 즐기는 것은 나에게 있어 했더니, 여러분에게 무엇을 해야 할지 모르지만, 지금 감사의 마음을 결코 잊지 않는다.(눈물)

우리가 이 투어를 즐길 수 있는 것은 나는 그것만으로도 벌써 나는 정말 행복한 사람이니, 감사합니다.

오늘을 절대 잊지 마세요.


Can I go now?

Everyone, how was our “O” “MO” “TE” “NA” “SHI”?

Well, after going to many different regions, we are finally here in Kobe.

Because today’s the last stage, I think a lot of people came from many different areas.

Are there someone who attended all the concerts?

Someone who came to all the 14 shows?

Ah, there is. Thank you so much.

Because I’ve been on many stages, I thought I would be used to it, but I am nervous today.

I want to say everything because today’s the last day.

First, the most memorable thing is that I thought it was still okay for me to be a member of the KARA KIDS. (Shouts)

HaHaHa, it’s a joke.

I want to give thanks to all the KARA Kids from different regions who really put in the efforts with me.

And all the great taste food I was able to eat from different areas.

Everything was great but Hits Mabu Sine (City)? Nagoya was the most tasty.

Also, I ate so much that I might have gained some weight, but they were great. Thank you.

Lastly, I want to mention about your letters.

You always write whenever we visit, but when I read the letters you write that you get so much energy from seeing us. I was really moved by that.

Somehow, I thought that we are doing something amazing. Because, we can experience so many people enjoying us. I don’t know what I can do for everyone, but I will never forget this feeling of thanks. (Tears) [this part the Korean translation is a bit weird, not sure if I got it right.]

Just the single fact that we are enjoying this tour, for that I am already a blessed person. Thank you.

Please, do not forget today.










まずは一番思い出になったことは、私がKARA KIDSに入ってもまだ大丈夫なんだなと思ったことです。


ハハハ 嘘です。

私と一緒に頑張ってくれた色々な地方の可愛いKARA KIDSの皆さんにありがとうです。











좀 분위기 바꾸어 볼까요?

여기저기서 와 주셔서 정말 감사합니다.

오늘 고베 투어 때문에 어제 트위터에서 보았습니다


객석에서 "코베(소, 코베(소!"

코베(소)잖아요. 웃음

트위터에서 "사이타마 밸브에서 개그를 만들어 주었는데 왜 고베 말씨로 만들지 않니?"라는 것을 보았습니다.

고베 밸브는 원래 간사이 사투리이지요.

그래도 특별히 고베의 여러분 때문에 내가 규리의 고베 밸브의 개그를 만들었습니다.

이것으로 분위기 변해요.

트위터로 보내고요, 이거.

고베의 여러분!최고 수준. 끝까지 튀어 가자!

객석에서 환호성

멤버" 좋잖아, 좋잖아"

Hara"모두 박수 부탁 드립니다"

모두의 힘으로 하나가 되었어요, 하하.

그럼 슬슬 저도 전하고 싶은 말을 말해 보겠습니다.

KARASIA투어 최초 공연에서 부른 곡"당신이 있으니까"라는 곡이 있습니다.

나카지마 미카 씨의 노래네요, 아는 사람도 모르는 사람도 있지만, 알아요?

항상 나도 여러분을 생각하면서 부른 곡입니다. 항상 여러분이 있어, 더 열심히 할 생각 이 날들이 아직 끝나지 않는다고 해서 더 열심히 하겠습니다. 전부 여러분들 덕분이라고 생각합니다. 저도 여러분에게 그런 사람이 되면 좋겠네요.

그런 사람이 되도록 더욱 더 열심히 하니까, 앞으로도 잘 부탁 드립니다.

더욱 더 사랑해 주세요. 저도 여러분들 정말 사랑합니다.

한국어로 "사랑합니다, 감사합니다".


Shall we change the mood a little?

Thank you so much for coming from so many places.

I saw it on the Twitter yesterday due to the tour.

Jiuyoung: What?

Audience: “Kobe Kyu” (Kobe beef)

Kobe Kyu. Haha

On the twitter I saw, it said “You made a gag for Saitama, why don’t you make Kobe dialect?”

Kobe dialect is a Kansai dialect, right?

However, I made a Kobe dialect because for you specially.

Let’s change the mood with this.

Send this on twitter, too.

Kobe everyone! You are the best. Let’s go til the end! (in Kobe dialect)

(audience cheering loudly)

Members: Good! Good.

Hara: Let’s all give applause

Thanks to everyone's energy, we are all one. Haha

Then, I will now say a few thoughts of my own.

There is a song that I sang at the first show of the tour called “Are you there?”.

It’s a song by Nakashima Mika. Perhaps there are those who may or may not know. Do you know?

It’s a song that I always sing while thinking of you the fans. I will always try my best and keep trying while these days last because you are always there. I think we owe everything to you. I also hope to be that kind of person (someone who will try the best).

Please take care of me because I will try to be that kind of person and try my best.

Please give your love (to me). I also sincerely love you.

In Korean: “Thank you, and I love you.”
























Gyuri의 개그(고베)인데, 번역기로 잘 번역하지 못하고 여러분에게 진짜 재미를 전할 수 없습니다.


네, 14번째의 승연 타임입니다. 저는 가슴이 메어 KARASIA가 끝나지 않으면 좋겠다. 오늘은 무대 뒤로 쭉 오늘이 끝나지 않으면 좋겠다고 생각했었는데, 벌써 시간이 왔네요.

오늘은 KARASIA투어의 마지막 날, 특별한 기분이 되었습니다

여러분이 어떤 마음으로 이 곳에 와 계시는지 여러분의 얼굴을 보면...

즐거웠습니까? 저는 돔 콘서트와 매번의 투어를 할 때마다, 또 이런 것(콘서트)을 할 수 있을까? 이 장소에 오게 될까라고 생각했지만, 또 가능하겠네요?

정말 감사합니다.

여러분이 우리와 함께 있어 주니까, 이렇게 즐겁게 콘서트도 생겼어요. 정말 감사합니다.

한국 KAMILIA을 위해 한국어의 감사의 인사.


사랑합니다. 짧지만 짧은 14회 콘서트 했는데 이 뜨겁고 즐거운 기억을 평생 잊지 않도록 앞으로도 승연이랑 함께 할 수 있도록 오늘도 빕니다.

한국어로 감사합니다.


Yes, it’s the 14th Seungyeon time. My chest aches and that I was wishing that Karasia did not end. All day today backstage, I was thinking how it would be great if today didn’t end, but the time has come.

Today’s the last day of the Karasi tour. It feels special.

When I look at your faces, I can feel with what kind of feelings you came...

Were you enjoying? When we were at the Dome concert and also during the these tours, I always think ‘I wonder if we can do these (concerts) again?”

I thought whether if we can be on this stage, but it seems possible?

Thank you very much.

Because you are with us like this that this wonderful concert is possible. Sincerely I think you.

She talks in Korean to the K-Kamilias for coming this far to see them.

Again in Japanese

I love you. I pray to never forget in my life this energetic and happy memories despite (if you can say short) this short concert tour. And that (the fans) be with Seungyeon even in the future.

Thank you (in Korean)












멤버도 말했지만, 오늘로 2ndKARASIA투어가 끝났습니다. 멤버들 여러분 모두 수고하셨습니다. 고맙습니다(간사이 사투리로 고마워).

시간이 정말 무서울 정도로 빨리 버립니다만, 지금이 정말 소중한 시간이죠.

무엇을 하고 있습니까?라고 물어본다면 나는 일본에서 투어를 하고 있는데, 콘서트에서 여러분을 만나는 것입니다라고 대답합니다.

그런 기분이 듭니다.

저에게 KARASIA는 항상 행복한 추억이 되어 갑니다.

돌아오지 않는 잊을 수 없는 시간을 만들어 주고, 언제나 여러분 감사합니다.

일본 투어를 함께 보내고 열심히 하는 KARASIA직원 여러분, 진심으로 감사합니다.

스탭 여러분이 있으니까 우리 KARA가 존재하고 있습니다, 그렇군요.

내년에도 또 KARASIA콘서트가 가능하도록 할꼐요, 응원 잘 부탁 드립니다.


As mentioned by the others, the 2nd Karasia tour is ending as of today. All the members did the best. Thank you (Kansai dialect)

The time goes by scarily fast, this time is so precious.

If someone asks, “what are you doing?” I answer “I am on the tour in Japan meeting all you the fans at the concert.”

It feels that way.

To me, Karasia is always becoming full of happy memories.

Thank you everyone always, making this unforgettable time that can’t be turned back.

I sincerely thank all the Karasia tour crew who are with us.

It’s true, because of you the staffs that we exist.

We will try our best to have another Karasia concert next year as well. Please cheer us on.










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Then, I will now say a few thoughts of my own.

There is the song that I sang at the first show of the tour called “Are you there?”.

It’s a song by Nakashima Mika. Perhaps there are people who may or may not know. Do you know?

It’s a song that I always sing while thinking of you the fans. I will always try my best and keep trying while these days last because you are always there. I think we owe everything to you. I also hope to be that kind of person (someone who will try the best).

Please take care of me because I will try to be that kind of person and try my best.

Please give your love (to me). I also sincerely love you.

In Korean: “Thank you, and I love you.”    



don't know why but every time I hear Gyul's talk,I always feel warm in my heart!!!! :gemheart: :gemheart: :gemheart:


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