[2013.12.24] Hara's Christmas Eve Selfie

sarah k

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Hara from KARA revealed a selfie photo on Christmas Eve. 

In the afternoon of the 24th, Hara Goo posted on her Instagram a photo and a short writing of "Today is Eve." 

In the photo, Hara Koo is looking at the camera with a "V" pose. She showed off her cute side with a comfortable clothing and a high pinned bun. Much attention went to her pink lips and red nails. Those who saw her photos replied, "Pretty," "Beauty emphasized," "It's Christmas Eve, where are you going out to?" "Eye make up is done well." Meanwhile, Hara was co-MC with Dongyeob Shin and Inguk Suh on the 21st for 2013 Entertainment Award Grand Prize.     

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131224n27891

Translated by: sarah k @ karaholic

Credit: Love_KARA_4ever_93 @ karaholic 

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