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Aaaaaaah... I got no money, but I need them.....

I'm going to Tokyo exactly next year. Will these still be sold in stores? Sigh. At least I can save up and have enough cash by then. Huaaaaa...

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if the descriptions are correct, they should be taken from the (first & last) concerts.


Just watched an unboxing and yes they were from their concerts ~

I wished they could've put some of their jacket photos too since they kinda started removing photobooks from their last singles/albums ...

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I like the design from that... sofa? LOL oh and congrats on getting it! :D


Mine shall be here in a few weeks! ^o^


We wish it was a sofa but it's actually a fold-out futon, the design is just a covering. It hurts the butt if you sit too long, we need to replace the cushions. Pre-congrats on yours then <(*^-^*)> 

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OMG! Why is it so much?! Do they not understand we are poor?! This is so targeted for the richer fans :gempissoff:   

UGHHHH!!! I always wanted Super Girl album -o-  :gempissoff:  :gempissoff:  :gempissoff:  :gempissoff:  :gempissoff:  :gempissoff:  :gempissoff:

ain't the super girl album is reissued? with the additional songs like "STEP" and "we're with you" if im not mistaken. haha


anyway it's too expensive for me haha but i want to buy it too though

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