[Hamtastic] MBC Drama - Jang Bo Ri is Here!

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this is real funny, the making of the performance in front of the mall in ep15. (btw it was step, not jumping.)

ham couldn't wait to perform (step) but..


she couldn't believe she was doing it alone (without members).


she felt pain, from laughing? lol


it was embarrassing, we know. lolol


and she was soo relieved after the filming was done.


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aah..she's going back to US..just when her lovely oppa going back home :(

well at least she doesn't have to deal with her abusive mom again who always hit her in every chance, she even ruin her nice hair like WTF! :D

there said there will be time jump like 4 or 5 years in this drama and still expect Gaeul in every episode. Will she be mature enough by then? hehe

  :syc3: BTS pics..! YAY! :gemwin:http://blog.naver.com/cupitter/220023434175 http://blog.naver.com/cupitter/220023428030

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what's the purpose of being hit everytime she made a mistake or said something wrong? (those "little" push on the head were real.)

it was funny initially but it's starting to hurt if it continues and happens frequently. (and not counting the NGs.)






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IKR! that's just too much and it becomes hard to watch.. :gemduh:

that's why I always skip the hitting part everytime I re-watch the cuts



I always keep thinking it's just an act but then it's just so lame to keep repeating those unnecessary acts :wacko:

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yesterday's episode was hamtastic! :D

we get to see her sexy dance again (must be embarrassingly hard for her :P), dsp building, 5 years later Lee Gaeul with a slight different hair style :D

and apparently the drama reach their highest rating so far, 15.4%, looks like the audiences love the time jump and the drama not even half-way yet :claps:


I love how dramabay always fast with the sub, it's less than 12 hours I must say. Will re-watch for eng sub later


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