[Hamtastic] MBC Drama - Jang Bo Ri is Here!

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ep34 (imo that was very dangerous, what if the electric window malfunction?)




I thought the same as well. This drama can be quite dangerous from time to time.

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I might stop watching this drama (after 36 episodes, well done Miza, charanda!) it's getting boring after a while and I'm getting tired...I'm just going to watch Seungyeon's part, I must say she is a better actress compared to the lead (no offense for those who are fans of Oh Yeon Se). And Seungyeon's part is always funny and just relaxing to watch, unlike the whole story.

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I thought I was giving up on this drama but no...I am hooked sadly.

Hammie's character in Ep 38 disappointed me and Jae Hwa Oppa (her big brother in the drama). She became a mean character. T_T I was like no Hammie, why did you do that? NOOOO, Director turned Hammie into a bad person - she only insulted the main character (not that big of a deal to others but IT WAS TO ME)  

Hammie chatting with Lee Yo Ri, so cute!


So I heard Netizens said her acting was bad. ARE THEY SURE ABOUT THIS!? I think they are jealous because Hammie is being spoiled by a rich CEO. XP

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