[2014.04.01] KARA Kang Jiyoung cousin NS Yunji rapidly promoted her song [i love u my sis]


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KARA Kang Jiyoung Cousin NS Yunji rapidly promoted her new released song [Yasisi]
1st,Kang Jiyoung revealed a picture on her own instagram (Photo Sharing with SNS) together with comment written [Yasisi"NS Yunji,i love u my sis] has been posted,
 with the photo if NS Junyi new songs [Yasisi]
This New Song of NS Yunji launching on that day [Yasisi] is a music of Hip-hop which is similiar to retro Tango.
NS Yunji show off her sexiest look had attract a lot of people attraction.
The Most Hit Sponsorship Idan'yopuchagi[Double Kick] and SEION [silent] has team up together.
NS Yunji show off her Attractive charm during the music recording.NS Yunji exposed her attractive sexy charm with a sleeveless top and 
black bra with sock revealed her great figure look.
Jiyoung and NS Yunji are cousin which great friendship as usual. KARA member Kang Jiyoung is taking a rest now.
Article Translated by: Viperion@karaholic.com   
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I'll miss Jiyoung a lot! I hope she will comeback as an entertainer, i hope to see her in the future again...i really wanna cry after hear the news...still upset now...hope she'll be doing fine

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