[2014.04.17] Han Seungyeon feels "each minute and second is hurtful and pitiful" for the ferry accident.

sarah k

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  Han Seuneyon reveals her frightened feelings regarding the Sewol ferry accident. 
KARA's Han Seungyeon posted on April 17 on her Twitter account about her pitiful heart towards the Sewol ferry accident on the coast on morning of the 16th. 

Han Seungyeon wrote, "It's sad to see each minute and second go by and to see such pitiful day come. Is there anything I can say. I can only pray. Coincidentally, I'm getting mad how the weather has become more downcast."

It shows that Han Seungyeon is unable to hide her saddened heart as the conditions get worse on the coast with wind, rain, and downcast weather making it hard for the rescue work. 

Meanwhile, at 9:00 AM on April 16, Sewol left the Incheon dock towards Jeju had a big accident 21 km from Byeonpungdo and the coast, On the 17th at 5:00 AM, out of total 475 passengers, 179 people were rescued, 9 died, and 287 people were missing.     



Translated by: sarah k @karaholic 

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