[2014.05.21] KARA new 7 candidate official publish! Such a debut for KARA


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Seven candidates "BABY KARA" reveal together through group posters.
May 21st,Dsp Media "KARA PROJECT" has reveal 7 candidates of BABY KARA together
of their trailer throught their official website. At the same time also reveal
their poster together.
It been reveal thorugh short trailer. The 1st candidates is Sojin,Shiyoon,Youngji,
Chaekyung,Somin,Chaewon and Yuji. They performed KARA hot song "STEP" through their
dancing,motivation,teamwork and each of their own charm has been seen.
On the other side, through the poster images show the great character of 7 candidate with slogan
"KARA revived with dream catcher challenge". They are dress well with sporting costume otfit which
express their friendly and cute impression.
This Kara Project is a joint production by DSP Media and MBC Music to search for the next Kara member. 
Seven trainees will compete against each other to join Kara at the end of the project.
It's train by Dsp Medial project team BABY KARA call " KARA PROJECT" in order to get a worthy candidates
for KARA.
'KARA Project' will be airing at 6PM starting on the 27th through MBC MUSIC KOREA.
Article Translated by: Viperion@karaholic.com  
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Good luck to all the girls who are participating of the KARA Project, and I hope kamilia support the winner ones as much as our dears Gyuri, Hammie and Hara who are still in the group. Can't wait for the show to start!! :D 

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I think the most important thing is if they will be bonded with the current KARA


In the end, that is important for perfomance and doing good music ^-^

Though I think they'll do like when Hara and Jiyoung went into KARA.We know...have fewer lines until the agency is sure that they can handle it

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They're all so cute <3 My personal favourite out of these seven is YoungJi and I really hope she makes it to KARA, but I like the others a lot too, so if she doesn't make it it's not that big a loss. Can't wait to see who they add as new member(s).

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