[OG] Official Youngji Spazz Thread

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Coffee Terior says goodbye to us (( on September 17 there will be the last day of work of this cafe. It's unusually sad. 
We with the wife have visited this cafe 11 times since 2015. This best cafe in the world) Not only because of YoungJi: we just very much had liked tasty kitchen and the cozy atmosphere :-) It was amusing to bring from Russia gifts for all family of YoungJi, and always to receive bonus-compliments in reply. We will miss very much this lovely cafe...
Last time we were there in April of this year.
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First Teaser of Youngji on tvN '엄마 나 왔어 (I'm Home Mom)'
*first broadcast on 26 Sept / 9:30PM KST
 - Mom I'm home
(Youngji who will live with her family after 7 years)
- Dad.. Dad~~
- ask me to do this, to do that, that part is a bit annoying..
- should i go 
- since when u r over there? its not that i mean, its just bcs i got stress do these dishes
- eung (okay).. i will go
- geurae2x (okay) dont misunderstand
- i should go?
- why do u keep saying that? absolutely not, hurry up sit and take rest, do u want some fruit?
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