[OG] Official Youngji Spazz Thread

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Some translation and explanations of a part of YoungJi: 


- youngji has live alone since in middle school
- will do hidden camera
- her dad's unusual hobby (will) bring laughter
- her dad said he is like the first fan of his daughter, he always search article of youngji and respond passionately to both good and bad comments 
her dad had hidden camera for youngjj, youngji went (very) early for interview *but actually a fake interview* while in that time her dad took her carrier, her belongings and also wooju, youngji didnt know anything abt that..
when youngji came to her home she saw wooju's carrier in front of the door.. youngji didnt know that day she start filming for this program..
her dad ringtone is KARA - Mamma Mia
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180928 Youngji spotted @ MCM event in Hongdae
thejingroup (via instagram)
*the man w/ YoungJi is president of Jin hospital, also appeared a lot in many program whether it is as MC, fixed panelist or just guest (i checked link on his profile)
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beginning of October - Kara approximate schedule
- 1 (Youngji BNT interview release)
- 2 (Gyuri BNT interview release)
- 3 (Youngji @ Park Sohyun's Love Game)
- 4 (Youngji @ tvN Mom I'm Home)
- 5 (Seungyeon - Preview Broadcast of her drama '12 Nights')
- 6 (Youngji @ KBS Battle Trip - Special MC)
- 10 (Youngji @ Park Sohyun's Love Game)
- 12 (Seungyeon @ Channel A '12 Nights' first broadcast)
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