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181001 Heo Youngji for BNT International


Under a spoiler partial translation of an interview.



Q. How have you been?

Youngji : I saw a lot to various works. I especially want to try to do musical, so I recently went to watch musical too. There’s still so many things that I want to do ”

Q. Musical challenge?

Youngji : I originally keep wanted to do it, but I didn't have many chances. I really want to try it once, because musical is the stage which I could show my singing, dancing and also acting. Actually, I still have lot of pressure about my acting, so through the (musical) stage I want to train myself with build more basic skills so I could enjoy to do acting more.

Q. Pressure on acting? We thought you'd do well on your acting career because you were leaving a big impression through drama ‘Another Oh Haeyoung’.

Youngji : Not at all. But rather than that, I think the pressure for acting have increased after ‘Another Oh Haeyoung’. The mind of me who want to do better is getting bigger, most likely because I listened to many praise and felt in person that I was being expected (by them). Maybe that’s why I become more careful for my next work. To be honest, lately if I do acting, I will get scared first. As I do acting, eventhough (I’m) happy in that moment, but I don’t think I can (just) relax and enjoying it. I think it’s because of the pressure. When I done with my acting, I couldn't stop feeling sorry and regret at the thought that I couldn't show everything.

Q. How did you start acting?

Youngji : At first it was a challenge, I started acting bcs I want to show different sides of me, I really want to repay my fans with good acting skills because they gave me so much love. I think that's why I'm still lost.

Q. How did you learn acting?

Youngji : I think I feel anxious because I don’t learn it properly. I think if I want to show 100% I should practice 300%. That’s why I practice choreography and singing even before I go on stage, if I compare (my acting) to that, I think I still lack on the practice for my acting. Acting is.. the time after you get the script until you get to filming is shorter than the time to practice for (perform on) the stage. That's why I think I (still) lack in ability and confidence. Webdrama ‘Alchemist’ was my first debut acting, in that drama my character name was also Youngji. Director of ‘Alchemist’ Heo Moo-ran, is a person who assured new actor/actress like me who lack in confidence and had anxious acting by saying to me that I could just show as just the way I am, he is the person who comfort me. I still feel grateful a lot to him.

Q. What is the character and style that you want to try in the future?

Youngji : It's good to be able to play all roles, but I think it's important to find the character that suit me the best. Many people see me as a bright person, but actually my character isn’t that bright. Sometimes I could feel gloomy, also sometimes I could have a bit dark side. So, more than a tomboy character, I want to try a role who kinda have story/situation.

Q. Not long ago, it was your birthday, How did you spend your birthday?

Youngji : I ate seaweed soup and spend time together with my family. Actually, on my birthday I filmed a show called ‘Mom, I’m here’. Every year I spend my birthday with my family, but this time I felt much better because I could spend all day with them with using that show as an excuse. Even when I was busy during w/ KARA schedule, I used to go for a while to my house at dawn, just to see my family and eat seaweed soup. I feel my birthday this year is very special maybe because the homecook and also could spend it together with my family.

Q. Casting on new program, ‘Mom, I’m here’. What made you decide to be on this program with your parents?

“Though I have the pressure, but I really want to show my dad’s interesting side through this program. My dad has received lot offers to be celebrity since he was young, it was to that extent that he is a person who has so many hidden talents. I hope people could pay attention on how a funny person he is even when he is at home or outside. To be honest, Its me who decide to appear in this show, but I though I will only do the filming on the day (which staff already make the plan), that day I went for the pre-meeting, but in that time my dad moved all of my things to my main house. I came to the house and started the filming with bewildered face.

Q. Your sister Hur Songyeon is an announcer. You and your sister seems very close, what is the secret? Do you ever give advice to your sister, since you are the senior in broadcast?

“I see my eonni face everyday, I don’t know how eonni feels, but she is my bestfriend.Eonni is always come to the house I live alone with bring two can of beer and then talk with me. I’m a type who rely a lot to her. It was to that much I’m comfortable and suit well with her. As we also monitoring each other, we dont treasure bitter words. I think I also wouldn’t be here now without my eonni, even now, the same clothes and accessories, all of them, it was her who bought it for me, we shared it together. To be honest, there was an effort from each other to be this close, I went to study abroad alone when I was in middle school, after that I back to Korea and met my sister, it was awkward (more) than I thought, I think its maybe because I met with her again at my adolescense time. So I kept my distance with her, I couldn’t stand those awkwardness. It has became even worse after I debut as the member of KARA, I was the first who honestly confess what in my mind to my eonni, I feel relieved we know the sincerity of each other.




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