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allkpop: K-pop girl groups with only one member - YoungJi is Kara


Yes they exist!!! With disbandment news that we often hear about many groups, there are in fact several groups where all of the members have left the group except one. Sometimes, no disbandment news is confirmed and the sole member of the group uses the group name to promote herself instead! Let's take a look at the groups with only one member technically.
1. KARA's Youngji
Youngji was the latest addition to the veteran girls group KARA way back in 2014. However, the quadruplet only released two albums in South Korea before the three core members included Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara to leave the group after their contracts with DSP ended. Youngji is the only member who remained in DSP Entertainment as her contract is only ending a few years later. Despite all the members who left, DSP didn't announce an official statement of KARA's disbandment, indicating that KARA may not have disbanded. Currently, Youngji is working as an actress, an entertainer as well as a solo singer who released her debut single "Memory Clock" in 2017. She also starred in KARD's first pre-debut single "Oh NaNa" as a hidden member.
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allkpop: Youngji says she suffered from binge eating disorder after KARA's disbandment due to stress.


Youngji opened up about her past eating disorder following KARA's disbandment.
On October 28th, 'SBS Special' presented a documentary about singers who now lead different lifestyles after the 'pinnacle' of their idol career. As a former KARA member, Youngji spoke up about the stress that idols must cope with, as well as the psychological changes that they go through after their average '7-year streak'. 
"When the feeling of 'things are starting to wrap up' started approaching me, I was more worried about what to do afterwards than just simply being in fear," began Youngji. "When KARA's activities stopped for good in 2016, I was so unstable that I began suffering from a binge eating disorder. I kept eating and eating, but my stomach didn't feel full. I didn't know how to even deal with it." 
Youngji continued, "It felt like I had been so dependent on my 'unnies' to a point where I was unable to do anything on my own. Having a team vanish suddenly naturally makes you feel so upset."
On the show, not only Youngji but also Thunder from MBLAQ, Jung Ah and Lizzy from After School, and many other former idol stars opened up and shared their innermost stories. Stay tuned for more stories from 'SBS Special'.





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soompi: Heo YoungJi Opens Up About Struggling With Eating Disorder After KARA’s Disbandment.


In a new documentary special, former KARA member Heo Young Ji spoke candidly about her emotional struggles after the group’s disbandment.
The idol appeared on the latest installment of SBS’s documentary series “SBS Special,” titled “The World That Idols Live In — After The Stage.” The documentary, which aired on October 28, put a spotlight on the difficulties faced by many idols after their groups disband or cease active promotions.
During her interview, Heo Young Ji talked about feeling lost after KARA’s disbandment in 2016, sharing that she had even developed an eating disorder. Describing how she had felt after hearing the news, Heo Young Ji recalled, “Rather than fear, I just kept thinking, ‘What should I do?’ and ‘What can I do?'”
She went on, “When I was with [the other KARA members], I felt like they were protecting me, and it seemed like I could achieve something. But [without them], I wondered if I would be able to ever stand on stage again, and that thought made me incredibly sad.”
Heo Young Ji explained that she had begun binge-eating as an unhealthy coping mechanism. “For a brief period of time after KARA ended, I was in such a state of mental shock that I actually developed binge-eating disorder,” she said. “I ate so much. No matter how much I ate, I didn’t feel full.”
In order to evade the watchful eye of her manager, the former KARA member even took the batteries out of her front door’s entrance alert. “I removed the batteries so that the front door wouldn’t make a sound, and then I ran to the convenience store in the rain,” she recalled. “And then I ate while crying.”
“My group was gone,” she continued, “so of course I was upset. At the time, I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings.”
However, Heo Young Ji reported that in spite of everything, she had truly enjoyed her career as a girl group member. “When I think about it, there was more happiness than there were difficult times,” she said. “I’d want to be an [idol] again, but I’d also be afraid of ending up on the same path.”
Heo Young Ji joined KARA as a new member in 2014, two years before the group eventually disbanded in January 2016. She went on to make her solo debut in 2017 with the single “Memory Clock.”
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