[2014.08.27] KARA Japanese Single Album "Mamma Mia"


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I just preordered... But does anyone have any other sites to order from besides yesasia and cdjapan? Just wondering so that can compare prices too

Only other store that comes to mind (that will definitely ship internationally) is HMV Japan, but they only list prices in yen (with the 8% tax for Japan, which is deducted for international orders) and they only list shipping prices here (also in yen). Other Japanese sites I can think of would require a middleman service to buy from them (and might cost more as a result).

The only other places would be Japanese sellers on eBay and Amazon, and I've noticed some will put the price up higher than the general retail price is.

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Amazon Japan Bestseller Asian Pop


Amazon Japan K-POP (Suipban) Best Sellers



Rakuten CD Korea Asia Daily Ranking


Rakuten CD Daily Ranking Suipban


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Definitely that all Album that sell at Korea and Japan music store are Cheaper than you get any international websites ..   

Will Waiting till the day they released the album and queue up to buy it at Japan  ..  

So Prepared your wallet now 

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