[Nicori] Nicole's Style: Gangster/Street/Tomboy/Girly


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okay i decided to change this thread to Nicole's Style thread.. as we know, Nicole dresses from casual hoodies to miniskirts and tank tops, which i noticed is one of her favorite things to wear :lol:..

so post your favorite outfits that showcase our little style chameleon, Nicole! :)


credit: as tagged.







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lol so gangsta XP

i know right! she tends to dress that way ^_^

yup nicole's candids are jjang b/c her face looks blank.. and we know usually she's full of expressions :lol:

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break it days were the best :D

she looked so hood! lol

"you wanna know what i think about you?

you mean nothing to me!

forget you! i'm over all your lies!!

just look into my eyes and see the new light honey! NOW!"

lol ^^

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