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Mamma Mia  

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  1. 1. The Song

  2. 2. The MV (Both Korean and Japanese MV/PV's)

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    • LOVE it
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    • Meh. the MV was only good because KARA was in it
  3. 3. Which Version do you like better

  4. 4. Which was better

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Even if it's short, I believe Japanese MV has a stronger vibe in it, just like Mister MV! But the Korean MV satisfies me enough (for now) 'till Japanese MV comes up!)

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The song is really catchy, no doubt. But somehow, not hearing jiyoung and nicole's voice feels really incomplete. And sometimes, i just tend to imagine what the mv would be like if jiyoung and nicole were in it. Like what would their hairstyle be etc.... Guess i'm still missing kara5 a lot!! 

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Basically I love everything about Mamma Mia, song and MV, prefer the Korean version (Japanese is not bad though) and I just might like the live performances a tad better than the MV.


And the whole DAY & NIGHT mini album is perfection <3

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I thought I posted in this thread, but anywho...
Song: Had to grow on me, as I still consider it one of KARA's weaker comeback songs. The plus is it's a slightly different sound from typical KARA songs, so it helped with it being a comeback for the changed member lineup, but if that was the intention they could have had "So Good" as the lead track for Day & Night/the Japanese single and it would have worked better in my opinion.
PV: It's okay, nothing to write home about, definitely not the worst I've seen but also not the best. I'm also pretty impartial to most PVs for anything though, so unless you've got something like a STEP-type PV don't expect me to really be swayed either way.
Korean or Japanese: I like it when I can understand my songs usually, so this is obvious. That and the Japanese version flows just as well as the Korean one in terms of the lyrics not sounding off melody/trying to fit too many words in too short a time frame, so no awkward sounding parts + understandable lyrics = Japanese version wins.
PV or live: Live performances are always better to me, regardless of song (unless the artist is lip syncing, which I haven't seen KARA do very often). If I want to hear the song itself, I'd rather play it on my phone or play it off the CD as opposed to watching the PV :P

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Song: It's my favorite so far next to Step. It's the song that made me love Kara more


Korean or JP: I haven't seen the JP version yet but I love the Korean version. There were a lot of times were I had to pause the vid to see the pretty faces of our Kara :3

Sadly, I've never Kara in a love concert. Hopefully in the future!

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First time i heard MAMA MIA it grew on me a little. I was kinda iffy. I do still miss Nicole and Jiyoung lots. And like someone mentioned i did imagine what it would be like to have Nicole and Jiyoung on this MV. But that was a month or two ago. Today it is my most listen to song of KARA because it sounds new and more refresh from kara 5 songs i liked! All great songs because majority of it is still on my iPod. KARA keep up the great work!

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Mamma Mi was THE song that made me became join the KAMILIA lmao! I was a casual KARA listener since 2010 with Jumping, but when I read about Nicole&Jiyoung leaving the group, I got interested and watched the KARA project. When Mamma Mia was released, I thought it was such a refreshing sound for them and I fell in love with the whole group

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