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Some positive news has come as various media outlets are reporting that Ladies' Code's RiSe is finally out of surgery that took over 9 hours to complete.
A few hospital reps told media outlets like Osen and The Fact, "RiSe completed surgery and is currently in the I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit)." 
According to reports, it's said RiSe suffered injuries to the head and had to undergo three surgeries that took more than 9 hours total. No details on the condition she's in or the extent of her injuries are being revealed yet, but it seems she is in a state where she has to be carefully monitored.
The tragic car accident that occurred took the life of member EunB, and left Sojung and Rise with serious injuries. Sojung was revealed to be receiving treatment while hospitalized earlier on, and now that RiSe is also out of surgery for the time being, we hope the two members are able to make a full recovery. 
The group has been receiving warm support from their fellow idols and celebs, who were shocked to wake up to this unfortunate news. Some of the messages left on Twitter read as follows:
KARA's Gyuri: "How can this happen .. I respectfully send my condolences.. Please let Sojung and RiSe recover safely... Please pray for them, everyone."
Rainbow's No Eul: "It's so unfortunate...I respectfully send my condolences..."
Block B's Jaehyo: "I respectfully send my condolences. I hope the other members recover quickly. I will sincerely pray..."
Block B's Taeil: "She was someone who I greeted several hours ago.. It's scary and so unfortunate. I send my condolences. I hope that those injured may recover quickly."
Block B's Zico: "It's so sad. I send my condolences.."
miss A's Suzy: "I respectfully send my condolences. My heart hurts so much.. I hope the other people may recover one day sooner.. I will pray."
miss A's Fei: "I heard of the news about Ladies' Code just now ! My heart hurts so much! I respectfully send my condolences.."
miss A's Jia: My heart hurts so much. I send my condolences."
15&'s Park Ji Min: "I respectfully send my condolences. My heart hurts so much.."
NS Yoon-G: "I respectfully send my condolences.. R.I.P"
Bumkey: "For some reason, I woke up right away from a troubled dream and this terrible thing happened. I can't believe it. I respectfully send my condolences. I also pray that the other people's conditions may get better as soon as possible. It's such an extreme pity. My condolences also go out to their families and those affected."
SPICA's Jiwon: "A sudden happening to my colleagues who I chased after our dreams with.. My heart hurts so much.. I send my condolences to EunB. I pray that RiSe's surgery is completed safely. Please.."
Dal Shabet's Subin: "Upon looking at the photos...Tears come out.....How much it must've hurt and how scary it must've been.....I respectfully send my condolences..... I hope the other people complete their surgery well no matter what..I sincerely pray..."
Dal Shabet's Serri: "My heart hurts so much especially since she was a colleague of mine.. I respectfully send my condolences.."
Kahi: "It's such heartbreaking news.... I pray that she rests in peace... Also for the families...I hope that they may find strength.. Hyoo.... I hope the other members get better as soon as possible...."
Alexander: "Tragic news for the morning.. That's too young.. May God provide the comfort to all members, families n staffs of Ladies Codes. RIP EunB."
U-KISS' Kiseop: "My heart breaks...Really.... I respectfully send my condolences... To the members recovering...!!Gain strength!ㅠㅠ"
U-KISS' Kevin: "After hearing the unfortunate news about Ladies' Code, my heart hurts so much. I respectfully send my condolences to Go EunB. I will also pray for Sojung and RiSe's speedy recovery. I earnestly hope that things like this don't happen again... Everyone, drive safely! #RIPEunB"
Mad Clown: "I send my condolences to Go EunB who passed away due to an unfortunate accident.. Although I didn't know her personally, I greeted her in the waiting room when I was promoting.. Ah my heart hurts so much and it's unfortunate.."
Eric Nam: "Heartbreaking news this morning. Thoughts and prayers go out to ladies code. Please keep the ladies and their families in your prayers."
Brian Joo: "Just heard the news about the group 'Ladies Code':( So sad to hear news like this.  Praying for all who were affected by the whole tragedy"
Baek Ah Yeon: "I respectfully send my condolences. My heart hurts so so much and I still can't believe this unfortunate incident... I will pray that my friend Sojung as well as the other members and staff will recover one day sooner."
A Pink's Chorong: "They are a group that our former director and [super] Changddai oppa worked really hard to prepare.. My heart hurst so much..Really..I respectfully send my condolences.. I will pray that RiSe will have good results as soon as possible.. To the members, staff, director, and Changddai oppa who must've received a great shock, gain strength."
4minute's Sohyun: "I respectfully send my condolences. My heart hurts so much and it's hard to believe.. We did a broadcast together not long ago.. I really sincerely pray that the other people will recover as soon as possible."
2AM's Jo Kwon: "It's such heartbreaking news.. It was only the beginning at her age.. I will pray in my heart. I respectfully send my condolences. I pray that the other members and staff will recover as soon as possible.."
2AM's Changmin: "I read the news and my heart is at a loss.. I respectfully send my condolences... Please pray for them... The injured members and the families and friends in sorrow.."
2AM's Seulong: "I respectfully send my condolences."
Girl's Day's Sojin: "I pray that RiSe recovers. I hope that everyone prays together. Please pray for all of the Ladies' Code members."
Girl's Day's Minah: "I respectfully send my condolences.... I hope that the others may recover their health one day sooner....."
Royal Pirates' James: "My heart hurts. #RIPEUNB @LC__Sojung @LC__Rise please get well soon. I will pray. Please get well soon."
Super Junior's Ryeowook: "She was a pretty hoobae who greeted other brightly.. My heart hurts. Please pray for EunB. i respectfully send my condolences. The members beside her must be having the most difficult time. Please encourage them. /The managers are suffering to carry out many schedules even right now. I ask for safe driving."
Super Junior's Kyuhyun: "I can relate.. The many who read this please, pray with me. I hope that the recovering members may hear good news.."
2PM's Jun.K: "My heart hurts so much from the news about Ladies' Code. I respectfully send my condolences.. My heart is at a loss. Let's all pray together and keep praying..."
Wonder Girls' Sun: "I send my deep condolences to EunB and those close to her.. I earnestly pray for the recovery of other members and RiSe's surgery to go well. Please pray with me!!!"
Credit : @allkpop
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It was so unfortunate for someone so young to die. I was never a Ladies Code fan but I have always liked their debut with "Bad Girl" and "Pretty Pretty" is also catchy as well. Idols' schedules are always so packed and speeding to one place to another is a given to them which is terrible. Having an accident this big is bound to happen, but I would never consider the fact of someone dying as a result to happen because the thought is just so sad and gruesome. The pictures of the crash was terrifying and I do not wish this upon anyone, not even the most hated person on my list because no one deserves this. With that being said, I wish for the speedy and effective recovery for the rest of their members. EunB's death would be a struggle for both the group and their fans and I sincerely wish the best for all. Rest in peace, EunB. You will always hold a special place in the kpop world.

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EunB Funeral Out on 5th September 8.30am at Korea University Anam Hospital 
I Know How it feel to be admitted to I.C.U ... I used to Experiences it before in my lifetime. Not Easy to Overcome it ..
I Hope Sojung & Rise To Recover Now ...
Sending my Deepest Condolences to EunB And also Family 
Rest Well


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What a tragic incident..this news is extremely heartbreaking even to me who doesn't relate to them or a fan of the group. The fact that it happened on Sojung's birthday saddens me much more thinking that she might not celebrate it any longer. My deepest condolences to those who are affected :(

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My heart dropped rock bottom upon reading this news... so sudden and out of the blue...

a kpop idol... death? somehow, I can't bring myself to accept it... it makes me reflective of life...

I offer my deepest condolences to EunB, Sojung, Rise, Ladies' Code and their friends and families...

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First of all i wanted to respectfully send my deepest condolences..

Its really tragic , heard this news tens of hours ago and still its scares me to death till now..

I think this certain tragedy that happened to them reminds all of us that even idols themselves are still human beings , they are mortals , not Gods.. they could die at any time just like the rest of us and honestly EunB's death probably being the realization moment for me that even idols themselves are simply mortal creature..

Again,,my deepest condolences for her death and hopefully her family and fellow groupmates could go through this together..all the fandoms,artists,celebs are united and prayed all the best for EunB , shes on the best place now,,with God.. :cry:

And for RiSe and Sojung , we all prayed the best for their recovery , hope they could fully recovery soon!

and for other members of LC , their families ,staffs and others too.. please be strong.. We are all in this together..

And one more thing..Our Idols, theyre humans too..anything could happened to them at anytime..thats why theres no need to hate a certain artist..just love and enjoy and respect every moment you could have with your idols,,doesnt matter how you do it..just put hatred out of it...love them,,care them,,support them while we still can because we never know what God have in his mind about ourselves and the idols we shipped,,we loved...just make the best of everything with your idols..besides we are all humans,,and we dont know what would happen to us or our idols in the next seconds,,hours,,days,,years..

pray all the best for ourselves and our idols..

one more time,,I Respecfully send my deepest condolences :touched: #RIPEunB #PrayForLadiesCode

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A 22-year old gorgeous lady died in a car accident. How my heart ached so terribly. I'm really sorry for what happened to Ladie's Code. Truly, Idols are mortals. Accidents happen to anyone in anytime,anywhere.  Even Princess Diana didn't survive the unfortunate incident. EunB is too young to die. There are so many dreams to realize. I'll pray for the fast recovery of Sojung and Rise.

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I was really appalled when I read the news.. I do follow Ladies' Code's live performances from time to time when they have comebacks and it hurts me to know that such a young talent in EunB has passed on.


I am just speechless when I got this information and also equally speechless when I saw how people bought Ladies' Code's song and pushed it to #1 on many real time Korea charts.


I hope Zuny and Ashley will gain strength from all the support from everyone, Sojung to have a successful surgery, and Rise to wake up soon.



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That was such  a terrible way to die, especially when you are full of life and doing what you love. The remaining girls must feel really awful, I mean those that got out without a scratch. I believe there are two that are wounded. I hope they fully recover physically even though the emotional hurts are deep and take longer to close.




I saw them for the first time a couple weeks ago and liked them and thought they had potential. It is just so sad. Again... hoping for their full recovery. They still have each other... and every fan all over. I feel we are all on their side now.

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