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Just an additional info regarding this Star King episode.


On this episode, it's a Chuseok special that gathered people with baby-face as well as old face (people look older than their age)


the panels are divided too. GyulHam included in the "young face" (the way they say it). GoolYoung in "old face". (personally, i think the opposite for GyulGool)


So, if you watch closely every round they pit two people together, one is baby face, and the other is the old face.

in the end of each round, the panels will choose whose face that makes them "surprised" more.


you can know the age of each panels as well as participant on their name tag. all in all, this one is quite an interesting episode :)

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the "old" faces impressed me a lot, the way they face the "reality" and live their lifes.

though they were funny during the show, i bet they've their difficult moments too.

i really like their positive thinking.

among the chuseok specials, i LOVE "superman is back".

i wanted to share some of the quotes they mentioned @45:02-46:18 but..

it's very touching!!!!! precisely and so real..


glad to see you!

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