[2009.03.23] Kara and SNSD Spill The Beans *updated


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Girls' Generation (without YoonA) and Kara have expressed their displeasure towards their managers for liking other girl groups from the ones they manage.

In the Girls Special edition of MBC Come To Play on 23rd March where Girls' Generation and Kara were the guests, it was revealed in a poll that DBSK, Big Bang, etc boy groups had picked Gu Hara as their favourite girl group member. With regards to the poll result, Gu Hara expressed, "I hope that Girls' Generation Seo Hyun isn't one of the picks. Lately, our manager has had a big crush on Seo Hyun." In response, Girls' Generation Sunny said, "Our manager likes Nicole a lot", which led to laughters all around the studio.

Soo Young added, "Not long ago when Kara got No.1, our manager was so happy that he started crying. It was really intolerable.

source: coolsmurf

P/S; sorry i post this. i got this from Asian Fanatic, so i guess i share? crews can delete this topic if it's not necessary. thank you ^^


I just peeked into the source's site, and i am not sure if this article is right, because someone said, the other article said that the favourite girl group member haven't been revealed. so yeah, i'm a bit confused here. so i hope the Karaholic teams will watch this videos and translate it for us. THANKS! ^^

[the other site; http://ent.jknews.co.kr/article/news/20090323/4667943.htm ]

translator of KARAholic, please help me translate since i couldn't understand it. XD

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Yeah It's a big suprise to know that !

SNSD's manager likes KARA ... LMAO !! X)))

I thought SM & DSP were rivals ... ahem

HaRa is the prettiest among the 2 girlgroups I think

Congratulation Koala haha <33

I can't wait to watch this show !

Thanks for sharing ^^

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Congrats to Hara :thumbup:

ahh the girls were joking around about that.. i hope the Nicole one is true lol. and the crying one too :D

i was really surprised when i saw that SNSD's manager cried when KARA won lol.. how interesting..

rivals.. in business and fans lol.. but we don't know how they are personally :D


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I can pretty sure say that they are extremely close...

Manager Oppa of SNSD cried when Kara won? omgosh hehehe that is LOL but i'm happy about that...

Hara is indeed pretty, who can deny that?

Maknae Cole is really gettin lots of love hehhe..

thanks for sharing..

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i read on soompi that Hara won for the "Most Open minded" girl and SeungYeon won for the most "Charming Girl"..

although, i don't know how they judged on Open Mindedness lol..

and was it just me.. if they did all they did to get the boy bands to do surveys..

you'd think they'd ask more than 5 questions :) or juicier questions lol

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