[Haradoll] Hara "ON&OFF: The Gossip"


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tnms ratings: national 0.297%, seoul 0.455%

in particular when it showed karasia in japan and its bts, it hit 0.685%-0.798% which was number 1 for cable tv (at that timeslot).

*please correct if i made a mistake. thanks.

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For those who can understand Korean, here is all of the raw episodes of Hara's On & Off.

It's at Karawa. Ttodory, the famous K-Kamilia made it. You can only see it on this page (see below).  

It's a player and has all the espisodes, just click on one of the bottom eight images for each episode.    

It has really good resolution and the sound is perfect. And the player has full screeen mode as well.

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Question, I am new here. Where can we find subbed versions of this? I really want to watch this.

Kamilias on Karawa are doing Korean text work first. I tink ep. 1 through 4 are almost done; they posted it. I hope someone can do the English translation? They are really long, like really.

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