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[OG] Youngji makes coffee in Seoul

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Warning: This is a very rough translation from Google.

Original Korean Article 


A coffee shop in Seoul Eunpyeong Eungam-dong. Upon entering, open the glass door of the coffee shop located on the roadside, bright and cheerful lady "Welcome" Greet said. 

Vanity in Jeddah today the 'lovely' Kara that I regarded as one of the group members. He is a little long, but standing in Tours, make yourself a cup of coffee puts out without hesitation. Feel-Good looking person 'muted laughter "is the service. FORMA came up to the latte art coffee makes a pretty good flavor.


This place is a coffee shop that is operated Parents magazine Vanity. Vanity whether to inherit the social being which gave parents earning a two-year coffee shops and neighborhood neighbors lived without hesitation. These days, a lot of busy, but a good second daughter vanity map crevasse when I work with parents to help me find this place. 

'Star Like' is nakjeom whether vanity with its second protagonist, who awaited him enjoy coffee at the coffee shop free he asked for a drink. 

# I made ​​latte Enjoy! 

"This is a brand, not a coffee shop, and a dog that we grow as a role model, the dog's Coffee Shop samahseo made ​​a face as a logo. family's favorite small space. does not once again come Sure you can find the gorgeous, especially the delicious ice water. Usually I eat a lot of ice water in the summer, we're running a study to eat shaved ice in winter. "



Vanity being first coffee grind down well under pressure to produce coffee. Yet careful to explain that you, the workmanship done quite a lot. 

"When pressed to know the right and left, it's important to give the same press. downed perhaps not the right to vary the coffee is in the process of coming down when you throw more pressing, but I think I balance fitting real well. " 

teotteurineun that cool muted laughter. Now create a steam milk. He does not dilute hadamyeonseo important to make warm milk, mix well to produce coffee. In the end created a small heart with care. 

"'m a little heart! (laughs) Thus if guests require deuriryeogo prevent a mother. I think I'm good you like. I want to export my guests did and she said well I release year yet, if you get to talk to a guest jeongjak deuriryeogo called 'estates Hey, Mom I'll' (laughs). "



# Original dream musical actor 

ever magazine Vanity childhood dream was a musical actor. When school was also a musical theater troupe went to Daehakro. Good to learn vocal music and musical judgment, the sixth grade when I learned vocal music also. Later went to a middle school art and left to study in New Zealand to learn English.



"Learning English was not doing a positive and fun all (laughs) come back to Korea from the airport you can see mom and dad would not understand me, so take huge steaming flesh. I eat a lot of fatty foods. (Laughter.) I did not even know what calories . There was about two years, it's not that English is. Jackson downed Korean is the only South Korea has improved a lot since I came two years. Can I compare me (laughs) core level of English is just get it for fear yiraseo brother Jackson and brother Yong Jun - hyung asked in English I weigh. " 

Instead, the singer brought the dream. Introduction to musical numbers only go with the sister of a fan he was seen studying, singing, such as "The New World" of SNSD were in the Idol debut in goal. Naturally harsh opposition from their parents. But there is one goal of assuming thanks to relentless selling personality, my parents were also picked the white flag. 

# Kara estates of the word, my favorite 

was the first audition Dream Tea Entertainment gotta Girl's Day was affiliated. Girl's Day after his debut was a chance to debut soon. 

"Girl's Day's 'Twinkle Twinkle' This did cry I was so excited watching well. I thought I'd be able to make his debut in the group that followed the plan that was put off a lot of After all thats out the company still Mina, while washing dishes in cold water with a hand Hye-ri I remember spilling red. After I went out into some places than DSP Entertainment. Hardly I imagine at the time it is doerirago the collar. " 

Humility to say there were many influential opinion that the project is going to see new members have been at the time of the draw whether vanity. Jeongjak but I have felt for a long time yihurodo annat danda. 

"activity but did not realize this. So, Kara manor is' really like that around haejusimyeon just downed so good, not saying that Kara manor estates. Nowadays, this gives fans janeura read the letter, sleep, sleep late. " 

Of course, you already know that in normal years, the group members into the new thing not easy. He deserves better because one of the people came up with the most onerous worked in the music industry this year. Of course a lot of the attention is bound to have a lot going mamgosaeng. Not surprisingly, he received a quite a lot of those questions. 

"It's been the most questions' not tough?" At first, I did a lot of worry. I think that could adapt. My sister will come to meet your breath for a long time so I'm a little breathing also fits well guess what, I feel good hard at first, but do not fit. It was stressful, so the choreography practice A few times I've seen a picture. reported to slow. I asked my sister to ask if there is something they look to continue letting me know. My sister and thereafter gradually breathe I'll take right. skills should also reassuring even felt like growing a lot. "



I do not even really like to go when you laugh dwaeseo 

SBS 'roommate' was God deserves appearances are a cut above. He proved what a bright and sociable personality intact. Choosing a smiling mouth, candid look naesung or without pretense is suddenly took viewers nundojang. He looked eagerly read all the comments being monitored for their reaction. 

"I'm very happy. But you can not eat and sleep did not feel well rewarded with love.'ve seen all comments akpeul've heard a lot about the preparation of the mind Because it was all right. The kind of akpeul really a lot. 600 Look, even if it is attached. and sorted by date. (Laughter.) And then look tough awarded up to a good reply to crush the net and looked right, " 

will give a muted laugh like it is I did not have tied up After the first episode was also quite anxious what I stand for viewers.



"'Three wheel' when they see me cover your mouth out laugh. I laughed and said many people have covered so it was visible cushion. I'm really utginde inevitably awkward laugh. (Laughter.) These days, that was comfortable eotneunde been really tough, really happy I'm " 

comfortable with, he put one in your mouth full sangchussam, Jackson and tudak snooping naturally, but approaching it lovingly to his fans. 

"Starting a diet of vegetables to eat because I did not know that I like the lettuce. For short days at a time I ate four images. When dinner was a Japanese tour, We could have a big crab lettuce than my face. I was happy. (laughs) " 

always rolled into something, happy bappaya that from now on he gives the force as a start. My mother is in the next "trodden jjaleunde time I receive a lot of attention, perhaps even only halkkabwa'm always careful," he said and advised, "I hope the first time ever in the same mind and action." 

"Yes. Now, I think that starts in future new I'll show you a lot of good looks, a lot of expectation Must be between Please look beautiful! "



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I can read Hangul however I can't translate and I only understand a few words oh well...

Gahhhh OG is so cute >_<;;;;

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there's another interview today. goto korean site for actual interview. goto chinese site for translation.






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LOL The word "Vanity" that Google translate is "Heo Young Ji" ~

카라의 허영지다 = KARA Heo Young Ji

Aw, Youngji is so lovely ! I love her bright smile !

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Someone, please translate the interview with Osen in English. The one where she has to answer yes or no (http://media.daum.net/entertain/culture/newsview?newsid=20141220113504874).  


& Yayy! this is my first every discussion post as a Kamilia~~ ♡♡♡ Please show lots of love.


And also , I have found an article about Youngji's parents' cafe. Here's the link : http://apink.blog.jp/archives/coffeeterior.html


:gemheart:  :gemheart:



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Someone, please translate the interview with Osen in English. The one where she has to answer yes or no (http://media.daum.net/entertain/culture/newsview?newsid=20141220113504874).     & Yayy! this is my first every discussion post as a Kamilia~~ ♡♡♡ Please show lots of love.  

And also , I have found an article about Youngji's parents' cafe. Here's the link : http://apink.blog.jp/archives/coffeeterior.html   :gemheart:  :gemheart:    




Post taken from alabm10 at soompi



I translated the interview word by word, only the part regarding her love interest/experience or about guys.

The article soompi posted is from here: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=109&aid=0002956080

It's the part 2, continuation from yesterday's interview. This part, she had to answer with a yes/no (O/X)

10. 나는 사랑을 해봤다. X

10. I've been in love. X

11. 나는 연애경험이 많다. X

11. I have many dating experiences. X

12. 남자 때문에 눈물 흘려봤다. O

12. I've shed tears because of a guy. O

부 연 한마디: "제가 어렸을 때 진짜 좋아했던 오빠가 있었는데 순수한 마음에 상처를 받았던 거 같아요. 그 오빠는 저를 동생으로만 생각했죠. 데뷔 후에도 연락이 오거나 하지는 않았어요. 지금 휴대전화에 16명이 저장돼 있는데 10명이 회사 분들이고 6명이 가족이에요."

Explaination: I used to have this oppa that I really liked when I was younger but I think my innocent heart was hurt. That oppa only thought of me as a little sister. Even after I debuted, he didn't even contact me. Now, I only have 16 contacts in my phone, 10 of them are the people from my company and the other 6 are my family members.

15. 나는 먼저 대시하는 편이다. X

15. I'm the type to be proactive(?) (if I had someone I like). X (the 1st one to show interest/confess)

부연 한마디: "아마 상처를 받은 이후로 제가 먼저 마음이 생기지는 않는 거 같아요. 이런 말을 하면 누군가가 '니가 아직 뭘 몰라서 그런다' 고 말하곤 하죠."

Explaination: Maybe because I used to be hurt. After that, it seems that I don't wanna be the first one to put/show my heart. If I said this, some people probably would say, "that's because you still know nothing"

16. 지금 남자친구가 있다. X

16. I have a boyfriend. X

17. 썸을 타고 있는 사람이 있다. X

17. I have someone I have 'some' with. X

부연 한마디: "제 주위를 보시면 아시겠지만..(주변 둘러봄) 많은 분들이 철벽수비를 하고 있어요.(웃음) 저도 아직은 때가 아닌 거 같아요."

Explaination: If you look around me, you would probably know..(turning head around) lots of people are in defensive mode. (laugh) And I also think that it's not the right time for me yet.

18. 잭슨이 남자로 보일때가 있다. O

18. There are times I see Jackson as a man. O

부 연 한마디: "(갓세븐 멤버)잭슨이가 예민한 면이 있어요. 귀엽다고하면 기분 나빠하죠. 자신은 '쌍남자'라면서...(음소거 웃음) 가끔씩 오빠 같은 든든한 행동을 할 때가 있긴해요. 무거운 짐을 들어주고 챙겨주고 그런 모습들이요. 감동 받지만 정말 잠깐인 거 같아요. 남자가 아니라 정말 동성친구로 좋아요. 연인으로 이어질 확률은 제로입니다. 잭슨이도 같은 생각일 거예요."

Explaination: (Got7 member) Jackson has a sensitive side of him. If I said that he's cute, he would probably feel so bad/pissed off. Because he claimed himself as a 'manly' guy/ real man (silent laugh). Of course once in a while, he acted like an oppa, being reliable. Like when he carried heavy stuffs or when he took care of me. I was touched but I think it's only for a very short moment. I really like him as a buddy/friend, not as a man. The probability of us to be in a relationship is zero. Jackson probably thinks the same.

***and just to make it clear once again, Youngji said she sees Jackson as man just because he would be mad if she didn't say so because he claimed himself a real/manly man.

19. 가수 데뷔 후 좋아했던 스타를 직접 만나봤다. X

19. After I debuted, I've met celeb(s) I like. X

부 연 한마디: "앗 이건 X라고 했는데 생각해 보니 있네요. 근데 지금은 정말 가족같아서 잠깐 깜빡했네요. (이)동욱 오빠요. 데뷔 전부터 팬이어서 동욱 오빠가 나오는 드라마 영화 다 봤어요. 친언니가 먼저 빠졌는데 그래서 나도 좋아하게 됐죠. '룸메이트'에 들어가서 막상 촬영을 했을 때도 떨리고 설레서 눈도 못마주쳤었죠. 지금은 괜찮아요. 정말 영원한 팬입니다."

Explainations: Ack! I said X for this one but when I think of it, I do. But since I think of him as a family member now, I forgot for a while. (Lee) Dongwook oppa. I've been his fan since he debuted and so, I've seen all his dramas and movies. My sister fell for him first and because of that, I've became his fan as well. When I joined 'Roommate', even during filming, I would be trembling and nervous, so I couldn't even look into his eyes. But it's okay now. I'm always a fan.


I decided to translate because I've seen some people have already misunderstood the title of the article, "Youngji sometimes see Jackson as a man'. The title can be misleading sometimes..


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is that her mother cafe?? she really good making cofee..even JYP acknowledge her//

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thank you for sharing this interview and the translation.. i really like the first picture of her drinking the coffee. so pretty.. 

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Aigoooo cute young ji.. Her first picture in this post is just too cute..

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 Adding link into the topic.. thank you <3  

  @kelsniff if you'd like to edit the 1st post, I found eng translation for youngji's osen interview part 1.. :)




Cr: yuda @yooniqda_  at twitter


Heo Youngji "It's alright for me now to laught without covering it ^^"①[starLike]

At a coffee shop in Eungam-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul. Opening the glass door of the coffee shop, a bright and cheerful girl greets us "Welcome".

It was KARA's Youngji who lately popular as the loveliest girl group member. Even though still a little bit lacking, she made a cup of coffee right away. In addition, she also gives her 'silent laugh' which makes people who see it feels happy. the coffee with a plausible latte art gives out a really nice aroma.

This place is the coffee shop that runs by Heo Youngji's parents. The parents who teaches Youngji her to be a sociable person, right now are running the coffee shop on its second year. Even though she became really busy nowadays, the nice Heo Youngji always come to this place to help out her parents every time she able to.

The second star of 'Star Like',Heo Youngji, we requested a cup of coffee from her who was relaxing out at the coffee shop.

# It's a cafe latte that I made, please try it!

Heo Youngji made the coffee skillfully, while explaining things to pay attention to while doing it, showing that she is quite capable in doing it.

"It's important to push both the left and right side at the same time. If not, the result will be different. however i'm not really able to do it (equally)."

She burst out into her silent laugh. now she is making steam milk. she heats up the milk while explaining that it's important to make it not too thin(?) and skillfully mixed it with the coffee. lastly, she made a little heart carefully.

"The small heart completed! (laugh) After this if i try to give it to the customer, my mom always stops me. I think it's good but she always stops me from giving it to the customer. even though she said i did well, if it's a real customer she always said "Youngji, mom will do it" (laugh)

# My original dream was to be a musical actress

Heo Youngji's childhood dream was musical actress. On her elementary days, she even performed in small theaters. She even studied vocal on her 6th grade because people say it's good to learn vocal while doing musical. After this she entered an art middle school and then went to New Zealand to learn English.

"I didn't study English and instead only playing with sheeps. (laugh) i came back to Korea but at the airport, both of my parents didn't recognize me. because i gained lots of weight. since i ate lots of oily foods. (laugh) i didn't know what it calorie. i was there for around 2 years but my english is really bad. As for Jackson, he has been living in Korea for 2 years and his Korean has improved a lot. His Korean is as good as mine. (laugh) i only able to listen (and understand) to English but i'm still nervous if by any chance Joonhyung oppa or Jackson will ask me"

after than she slowly build up her dream of becoming a singer. the one who once only studied musical started to entering k-pop world by following her onnie who was Boa's fan. She started to sing various songs like SNSD's Into The New World and finally preparing with goal to debut as idol. of course, her parent's objection was very strong. however with her personality which never back up once she decided on a goal, in the end her parents gave up (on their objection).

# The Word "KARA's Youngji" is my favorite

Her first audition was on Girl's Day company, Dream Tea Entertainment. It was the opportunity to debut soon after Girl's Day debut.

"I cried looking at how Girl's Day Twinkle Twinkle did very well. I thought i was able to debut following their success, however that opportunity was delayed a lot. In the end, i changed company. I still remember clearly once i washed dishes with Minah and Hyeri with cold water making our hands red. After that i went to couple of companies and in the end i entered DSP Entertainment. Even at that time i never imagined to become KARA."

She talks very humbly yet during the Project to choose new member of KARA, there was lots of positive comments about Heo Youngji. even after that she still unable to fully realize it yet.

"It doesn't seem real even as i doing the promotion. That's why i really love it when people say "KARA's Youngji". It's not just a "Youngji" but "KARA's Youngji", i really love it. Nowadays i sleep quite late because i sleep while reading fan letters."

Of course it's not easy to become a new member of a top girl group that has been active for years. We can say that she is one of the people who successfully doing a job with the most burden in the entertainment industry this year. And naturally people will also expect that she suffers a lot. She received lots of questions like that.

"It's the question that i received the most. "Is it hard?" i did worry a lot at first. I'm worried whether i will be able to adapt well or not. The onnies has been together for years and it's easy for them to match their voices well. As for me, even though i tried hard, at first i felt that i was unable to match with them and made me stressed a lot. So i watch the practice video lots of time. Even watched it in slow motion. The onnies told me to ask if there is anything that i don't know, so i asked a lot. after that i think i started to match better with them. i do feel that i improved and started to gain confidence.

# I'm glad i don't need to cover my mouth when laughing

SBS 'Roommate' can be said is a blessing. Her bright and outgoing personality got exposed thanks to the program. laughing without covering her mouth, her honest side without any pretension, catches the viewers' interest right away. She always monitor the response while reading the comments.

"I'm really happy. I can't eat nor sleep yet i feel compensated with the loves that i receive. i read all the comments. it's alright even reading the hate comments because i already prepared beforehand. there are really various hate comments. even if there are more than 600 comments i read all. since it was sorted by the most recent one (laugh). if i get tired with that, i change the sorting to the best comment and got comforted with the good comments."

She never expected to people her silent laugh. In fact, she was very nervous what will be the viewers' reaction after the first episode.

"If you see my appearance at 'Quiz that Change The World', i laughed while covering my mouth. since lots of people told me to do that. it made me uncomfortable. it was really funny but i only able to laugh awkwardly. (laugh) it was hard for me, but lately it became comfortable. i'm really happy"

The girl who became more comfortable, eating lettuce wraps with full mouth, always naturally yet lovely bickering with jackson, she is slowly approaching the fans.

"I started to eating vegetables because of diet yet i never realized that i love lettuce to that extend. nowadays i reduced it and only eat 4 leaves at once. during the Japan tour we went for eat one and there was a lettuce bigger than my face. i was really happy (laugh)"

She says "Happiness is when you are busy and able to achieve something". Now is the beginning. Her parents also say "To get lots of interest within the short time, be careful not to let it get into your head. We hope that you always keep your heart like the first time"

"Of course. I think from now on is the start. I will show my new and good side, so please look forward to me and take care of me!"

Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&oid=109&aid=0002955769&sid1=001&lfrom=twitter


Edited by xianlieda
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i like tiramisu is that count as a coffe?

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No it's a dessert.



i like tiramisu is that count as a coffe?

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I think it would be easier for me to learn Korean than to understand Google translations (or other computerized automatic translations) into English.  I would love to read the Young Ji interview in a good English translation.  

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i blame the sheep in new zealand. if not for those adorable animals (& the beautiful country), youngji would have paid more attention on her books.

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aww youngji <3 i would love to visit there one day <3 thanks so much for translating the article :D

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These pics are so awesome! Thanks for posting the links to the original articles. :)

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:CoffeeTakeaway:  :HotCoffee:  definitely a great place to visit while touring or hanging around Seoul. Another place to visit and dine at would be former KARA member Nicole Jung's mother's restaurant (Aura Grille?).  :refreshed: 

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