[2015.03.18] KARA The 3rd Japan Tour 2014 (Blu-ray & DVD)


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So it's not even worth waiting for someone to post a rip of the DVD/BD anywhere?


It's not worth waiting for that, as it's illegal, but otherwise it is worth your while to watch that.

There are some BIG mistakes made with that, like already said there are cuts and bad editing. The worst editing actually happens during Happy Happy Love and Rescue Me, which totally sucks, as that's my favorite part of the show. But the latter half of the show isn't that bad. It's different from the WOWOW, but some changes there are even better, some are debatable. Like, when they start riding those carts to the end of the arena, in WOWOW version we see how Gyuri is about to lose balance when the cart moves, in Blu-ray version it is cut just few frames before that. Blu-ray version has more close-ups during some songs, and less Kara as a group. Which one you prefer, is a matter of taste.


And we must not forget that WOWOW version is actually cut too. They don't cut performances, but there's an entire five minute segment of Kara talking to audience (and crying) cut out. So if you want to see that, you must get the DVD/Blu-ray.


Of course the bonus disc is the real deal here, as the WOWOW broadcast didn't include even bits and pieces of that. It's not the best "making of" feature of all times, but it's worth watching and having, for things like seeing Youngji telling some Japanese guy how to spell her name on the drinking bottle.

じゃなくて영지です :gemhappy:

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I hope somebody translates the parts of the Limited Bluray/DVD edition where Kara members are talking to the audience, sometimes happy but with lots of emotion and tears.  Those were cut out of the WOWOW edition translated by Sweet Melodix.

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As always, wished the Japanese releases would have Eng subs.  I snagged the LE of this but was disappointed to find out they removed the duets and seungyeon's solo  :gemcry: 


Still always enjoy their concerts nonetheless

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