[2015.02.25] Baby KARA Sojin, The Reason Why She Jumped From Level 10 of the Apartment?


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Don't know what to say to her

She still can talk to the other person to solve the problem out but she doesn't do that

Her contract with DSP is ended last month but that's not the end of the world and that's not how she end up her life like this, she can go to the other entertainment company to continue her dream. Maybe they don't make her debut with a girl group and they also make her debut as a solo singer like Nicole.

Any problems can solve out easily. 
She is such a good person. She is such a perfect person. 

Remember when DSP said DSP would add 2 new members into KARA but at the end just only Young Ji won.

I feel sorry for So Jin...she has a good voice, she is a talented person but she can't be a member of KARA or even a member of the new girl groupApril.

I feel sad when I heard she passed away like that.

RIP Sojin. Love you. God blesses you. 

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Well... I dont know what to say. It's really shocking me when i first heard the news. Among Baby Kara members i like SoJin the most, i voted for her everytime. And even though she's not in Kara, i still hope she could debut some day... and now... RIP, baby

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Her father must have regretted so much about not letting her be an idol. Guess the pressure was just too much on her. 

I really wish we can do something but it has been done. 

All that I know is that she's free now to do what she truly wants to do without anymore pressure <3

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She was so bright and hardworking. I can't understand why some people have been bashing her for this...depression is a very real illness, and her situation didn't help matters at all. She deserved better than what she got. I think she would've been a great idol. Rest in peace, Sojin.

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It's been about two days and I still can't get her off of my mind. This situation reminded me of this song called "Like You'll Never See Me Again" by Alicia Keys and it's one of my favorite songs from her by the way. It's a nice ballad and the twinkling in the song reminded me of how young Sojin was. I wish I had a time machine so I can go back in time to try to prevent this from happening. I just miss her so freaking much. This is the very first time where one of my biases actually had to end up this way and this feeling feels so foreign and unwelcoming. I hope I don't have to witness something like this again. Again, we have lost a rare gem and rest in peace Sojin. We all love you.



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I don't think it was a mutual decision to terminate her contract. She spent 5 years of training like a dog. And look what she had sown. All she wanted was to become an Idol. It seems like you're waiting for the infinity to come an end.  Urgghhh!!! We don't know how brutal and heartless entertainment companies are. Please pray for Sojin's soul. Prayers are more needed than any comments in Social media.

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Why does a company has to spend five long years training an individual just to "discover" at the last minute that 

they don't really want her?


Nobody deserves that.



The companies should become more sensitive to the plight of their trainees.



I hope that Sojin's Soul is at peace, the peace she couldn't find here on Earth!

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No matter what happens, she shouldn't give up her life. Commit suicide is NOT the way to solve problem. She should share her inner problems with her families and dearest friends. I'm shocked when I'm reading this news at K-Pop social website. Actually, I had observed all Baby KARA, and looking forward towards all 6 of them will debut in a new girl group. 


R.I.P, Sojin. May your soul rest in peace and continue blessing your loved ones.

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No matter what happens, she shouldn't give up her life. Commit suicide is NOT the way to solve problem. She should share her inner problems with her families and dearest friends. 


I think the problem is the stigma around depression and mental illness as a whole in Korea overall. If she had been seeing a therapist there would have been a prescription for her, but employers would not hire her for that reason and had to be kept secret. Moreover she would be alienated from her friends and based on the Baby Kara episodes she comes from a conservative family which would also another reason why she wouldn't be able to say anything.

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Idol world in KPOP is so different from other countries..in KPOP world..the trainees that spent thousands of hours training and better their skill..or even the most talented trainee themselves..have a very slight chance to be able to debut as idols in KPOP industry...there is a lot of requirements that these trainees had to achieve..not to mention,,not just in SM,,but preety much in all KPOP agengcies..the staffs always said the exact same thing to the trainees.. "Dont get too close to each other,you might be debuting in a different groups with them", in other words..for trainees..they are advised by their company to only better the skill of each individuals and not to care too much with other trainees around them..thats preety much the case that every trainees have to face on their trainee days..
And even if these trainees have finally fixed in to one set group of artists..the chance of them being success in KPOP industry is also very very small..despite weve seen so many new idols these last few years...behind those success new idols..lies thousands of trainees that still have nothing but "Dream" to debut as an idol as well..

theres a new girl group that debuted a couple years ago and their story,,i knew preety much all about their story from their trainee days untill the day now they've become one of KPOP Elite..but most of us only see the happy and sad times of them on their idols days..but if you can dig some info of your idols' trainees days..you will be surprised of how much sacrifice and sorrow and mental torture they had to go through from their trainee days until they made it as idols..

SoJin was only one of so many others trainees of an agency that didnt actually made it to the KPOP industry and thus..we became the living witness of just how harsh the idol world really is..Not just it took her dream away..it even took her life away..
I cant say she gave up too soon or whatsoever..we dont know just how much pain and sorrow that she had..we had NO clue of it..she took that burden herself and eventually it took her away with it..
I dont really know SoJin..but i know one thing..because she was a trainee too..i can at least know abit of the pain that she and other trainees had to carry..
and honestly..after all the hard work..to see yourself fail..its not something easy to take for some people..

KPOP industry is a very great and fun world with the idols that had surfaced in it..but behind those idols from any agencies..lies thousands of trainees that still had nothing but the dream and will to work hard..in order to made it to the idol world...even if the chance is only 0,01% ..

So for you guys that have idolized a certain artist in KPOP industry..please love them sincerely and please dont put hatred on other artist that is not your favourite..we dont know the "Hard Work" that our idols have to face until they become what they are now..so please respect each and every artist in KPOP industry..because from them we can learn what it looked like when we actually can achieve our dreams..
And from the trainees all around Korea..from them,,we can learn abit of what is Hard Working and from Sojin..we can learn,,just how devastating a failure could affect to our lives..


R.I.P Ahn Sojin

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When i heard of the tragic news, i thought it was just some sick rumor spread by some sick people. i was disappointed when i found out that it wasn't just a rumor, but a grim reality. It took me quite a while to accept that reality. And as though things couldn't get any worse, several days later, Leonard Nimoy (aka Mister Spock) died. He was my childhood hero and role model.

But death is an integral part of life. no matter how hard and painful it is to lose someone you love or value dearly, we have no other choices but to accept it. Life goes on. What really matters in life is the 'here and now', not the past nor the future. We cannot change the past, nor precisely predict the future.

Pertaining to the past, here's a quote written by Leonard Nimoy. it was the last thing he tweeted before he died.

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory (Leonard Nimoy)

Farewell our dear Sojin. Farewell Mister Spock. You will be missed and will always be in our hearts and minds.

my thoughts on Sojin's death

Some people have the tendency to imagine alternate outcomes to undesirable past events such as death. Something like "if this had occurred, then that wouldn't have happened' or 'it would have resulted a different outcome'. This is just wishful thinking. the truth is, the 'what IFs' scenarios don't really exist in reality but only in our minds/imaginations.

Another common reaction to undesirable past events would be to blame imaginary events as the cause or culprit to why things happened. for example, in Sojin's case, i've heard people saying things like "if DSP and Sojin hadn't nullify their contract, she would still be alive today" or "if Sojin had won the baby Kara contest instead of Youngji, she would still be alive today", etc...

How can we be sure that if they hadn't nullify their contract or if she had won the contest, she won't get run over by a car the next day or get hit by a falling meteorite thus resulting her death?

Real life causality does not happen in a linear fashion, such as in simple mathematical problems, since it involves an infinite number of variables in the form of probable cause and effect or chain of events. This is clearly illustrated in the 'butterfly effect' chaos theory which states that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.  

Therefore, coming up with alternate imaginary past events or 'what IFs' is redundant. Although it can temporarily satisfy our inherent need to make sense of things, it won't change events that had occurred in the past nor accurately predict the desired outcome of the chain of events leading from it.

Another thing that people came up with in relation to Sojin's death would be depression. Even though depression could lead to suicidal tendencies, it does not necessarily be the case. A lot of depressed people don't end up jumping off of a building. Moreover, a lot of those with suicidal tendencies don't actually commit it.

So what caused her death?
Since there was no suicide note found, no witness to the event, and no autopsy had been committed, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to determine what really caused her death or the motives behind it(if it really was a suicide case). The suicide verdict was given by the police based on their most probable scenario/cause assumption due to lack of proof/evidence to back other possible causes/scenarios.
What if she didn't commit suicide and it was all just a freak accident?  What if she was pushed? No one can disprove these assumptions since there was no witness. Without hard evidences, it all comes down to mere speculations or assumptions. if no one can prove that it was an accident, that doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Can the police just answer "We don't know" when asked about the cause of someone's death? Of course not. The general public expects them to come up with a 'logical' answer/explanation/statement to such events.

Since im not the police nor having the authority to act like one, when people asked me about the cause of Sojin's tragic death, my best logical answer would be "it was gravity".

PS: For those who haven't heard of Mister Spock, he was the 1st Science Officer character of the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek TV series.

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Guest LaumeSea


You cant compare Kahi and Sojin


Before Kahi debuted as a After School member she already had a 6 year carreer as a backup dancer for huge kpop names. She also had lots of connections in the music industry   

Sojin had nothing but a dream.  

I do agree she shouldnt have given up so fast.. But we dont know what was going around in her head... she probably didnt discuss everything with her parents and friends.  

Cause of her age Sojin probably didn't fit the cute concept of DSP's upcoming girlgroup, however I wish DSP would try to get her into some other agency 

How about Park Bom?

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