[2015.03.14] Nicole announces the opening of her Weibo account


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Former KARA member Nicole announced the opening of her Weibo account on March 14th. 

The singer shared the exciting news through Twitter as she wrote, “Ok, so I’ve made a Weibo…but I dont know how to use it…tear T.T.”  Although she is still getting use to her new social networking site account, she revealed that her username is _911007nicole, similar to her Twitter username which is _911007.

After leaving the group KARA in early 2014, Nicole made her solo comeback later that year in November with the title track “MAMA,” from her solo mini-album First Romance, which included the tracks “Inccocent?” featuring SPICA‘s Boa, “7-2-Misunderstanding” featuring INFINITE‘s Dongwoo, “Joker” featuring Ricky, and “LOVE.”

Welcome to Weibo Nicole!


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