[2015.05.26] 7th Korean Mini Album: In Love


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My copy was shipped last Friday and according to YesAsia's delivery times it should be delivered next Monday the earliest (estimated delivery time from Hong Kong to Finland (Europe) is 6-14 days, my last two deliveries took 8 and 9 days, so I'd say Wednesday or Thursday, probably, but fingers crossed for Monday^^) I'll put up some photos when I get it^^

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Looks really nice! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for my copy to arrive! :)

here it is my copy came today, :D gyuri pics are the best! seungyeon so maknae like, hara looked like a doll, youngji gotten prettier this time,
sorry if the pic too big, :D, you should buy a copy of this


Since I got it this morning...I wanted to share with you :gemnoway: http://s8.postimg.org/aeieqon2t/IMG_0895.jpg

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Loved  the poster, still waiting for the CDs to arrive in the mail.  I have all their albums (not best/greatest hits though) but had to skip out on all the mini-albums back then (couldn't afford to get both).  Pretty much ordered all the mini-albums I was missing :gemshout:

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