Pop Quiz: Which KARA member does 'Cupid' have in mind for you?

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KARA has a poll on ALLKPOP!!!!!!! http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/05/pop-quiz-which-kara-member-does-cupid-have-in-mind-for-you

Share who you got!

I got Youngji!!


Cupid has the group's maknae, Youngji, in mind for you! Despite her cute and pretty appearance, she's a total tomboy, which you love. You two would tousle and wrestle around with your playful and teasing personalities, not to mention all that energy has to go somewhere, right? Take part in cute, active, outdoorsy, sporty dates with this cutie.
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I got Seungyeon! Hahaha!


Cupid has the group's vocalist, Seungyeon, in mind for you! Her sweet, bright, and cheery demeanor has won over many people. Like her, you are a kind and optimistic person, who brightens up the days of everyone around you.
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Cupid has the group's visual, Hara, in mind for you! Aren't you lucky? This doll-like member is not only pretty but also chill, trendy, and chic. You two would make a picture perfect couple as you coolly take on the world by storm with your stylish ways.









I got Hara! Yey!  :gemhoho:  

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