[2015.08.26] Youngji talks about KARA and her upcoming web drama in 'The Celebrity'


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KARA's Youngji got together with 'The Celebrity' magazine for a beautiful nature-themed pictorial!


During her interview, she talked about her role in the upcoming web drama 'Alchemist'.


She said, "The character is so similar to me, enough to give me goosebumps. It feels like I'm revealing myself, so in a way, it's even harder. I felt the same way as the [netizens] who commented with worry and concern in the articles. Actually, I'm even more worried than those people. These days, I always carry around my script."


Youngji added, "Because I'm the maknae, I honestly don't have dilemmas. I cling to my unnis, so they sometimes are bothered. When I first got into the group, I didn't purposely show aegyo. Instead, I always worked hard and showed with my actions."


About herself, the KARA member shared, "Whatever I do, if I don't have confidence I tend to get timid. So that I don't become like that, even if I learn one more dance, I practice until I become perfect."


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