[2015.09.04] KARA's Gyuri reported to be starring in a new web drama with Kim Jae Wook and Lee Mi Do


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Are you excited to see KARA's Gyuri in a new drama? It's been a while since her last one!


On September 4, it has been reported that Signal Entertainment's production, web drama 'Sweet' (working title), has cast Kim Jae Wook, Gyuri, and Lee Mi Do as the main leads!  It's also exciting for Lee Mi Do, who mostly had minor roles in dramas.



Kim Jae Wook will be laying the cold and negative Cha Min Ho, who is the new manager of Sweet Coffee.  Despite his image, he turns out to have absolutely no idea how to properly make even one cup of coffee.  Gyuri plays Jung Won, the first class part-time worker at Sweet Coffee who is the complete antithesis of Cha Min Ho with her positive attitude.  Lee Mi Do will play a regular customer who buys only one cup of coffee and camps out at the cafe all day to write. 


Look forward to the airing in October!



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