Do you think KARA will renew their contract?


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Contract renewal.

Until DSP officially announce its status, we won't know for sure and can only speculate. For me, rather than speculating/worrying about uncertain future events, i'd rather enjoy my ramen noodles to the max....  As Master Oolong used to say: "Do not dwell in the past nor the future. Live fully in the NOW and you will find true happiness. azza azza!"


Moreover, im sure that KARA will not be disbanding any time soon due to these facts:


1. Money Maker.

KARA is still DSP's #1 money maker (although not as much as they used to make) and is still bringing in tons of money. As long as there's a DSP Media, there will always be a KARA.


2. China campaign.

It would be really weird if DSP suddenly aborts their on-going campaign to expand to China (and hopefully to other countries as well) by disbanding Kara. Their recent KARA Shanghai concert was viewed by more than 1.2M viewers (which could mean tons of newbie Kamilias shouting 'Rock you bosaay!' while eating ramen noodles). I don't know if this could be considered a success or not, but in my book, it was totally awesome  xD


3. Kamilia still exist.

Aside Youngji (who still has to break-even in maybe 1-3 yrs or more), the way i see it, the other Kara members aren't doing this for fame or fortune because they already have those. They could retire anytime they want and still be rich for many years to come. The only reason why they are still singing and dancing tirelessly  is Kamilia. Yes..that's right...  KAMILIA. They are doing all this for US guys! Not for DSP, not for money, not for music charts, not for winning rigged polls and votings, but for US! Although it seems that there has been a considerable decrease in the fandom strength and size due to JiNi's 'mysterious departure', the lame internal fandom conflicts, and their long absence in the industry, there are still plenty of Kamilias out there who still love and support them no matter what. As long as Kara can still feel this love bond, they will hang on.


so yeah, if you want the current members to be around for a bit longer as Kara, keep loving and supporting them as much as you can. Show them that you are still 'IN LOVE' with KARA! ^^


Have a great day/night all! :)


~back to hibernation mode~

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I know everyone has the right to speak out their opinion and mind ..

The Best way is let give them a break ..

Stop talking about the contract issue already as for wether doesn't matter their will renew or not as long as they happy I will be with them always ..


I hope this Post will be deleted soon or latterr ...


Sorry for that 

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There isn't any news since the outbreak of this matter but no matter what the outcome is, we have to support and cherish them like always, making them feel the KAMILIA love radiating towards them, haha. Also, its great to hear about them since their last release with 'In Love', with Gyuri participating with From The Airport at a recent event, Hara in a pictorial just a few weeks back .. Let's have hope in them and not give up! (:

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There are so many uncertainties and so many questions that need answers, but safely we can say that KARA WILL NEVER BE GONE! KARA is more than just an idol girl group, and us as Kamilias have to remember that. KARA is also a family, and nothing, NOTHING, not even DSP or even KARA themselves can take that away. Kara and Kamilia are like Ying and Yang, both co-existing and one relying on the other. As long as there is Kamilia out there, KARA will be there. As long as KARA is out there, even if they are not as they were before, there will be Kamilia to support them. We're a family, and no matter what the outcome after all this, we will, and forever will be a family. Don't let sad news like this deter you. We need to be stronger, and we need to be there for them. We're going through a rough time, but imagine KARA hearing about all this. How would they feel?? Whatever decision they make, whatever ideals and hopes and dreams they they have, we will always continue to support them. Because we're a family. No one can take that from us.

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On 1/16/2023 at 4:51 AM, sophk1 said:

No one renewed their contracts without Youngji but they reunited finally!!

I think this is the best outcome anyone can hope for; 

It is 'work' for them; after a cycle or two being in the Kpop machine - you can't fault any group or individual idol for wanting a break / trying something new.


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