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[2016] Streambox Index Thread

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Streambox Index Thread 2016



If there is a dead link, please notify us on the Streambox Request Thread! 



To search for a video, use Ctrl + F

To look for a particular section, just click below!





If there is a dead link, please notify us on the Streambox Request Thread! 


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★ [MV]

- All your favorite Korean/Japanese MVs and PVs!


- This is where you'll find all the live performances that KARA has done!

★ [sERIES]

- This is for drama/series/sitcom with multiple appearances of KARA!

★ [sHOW]

- All of KARA's cuts (sometimes full eps) of their TV appearances!

★ [CF]

- Check out all of the CFs starring KARA members! 

★ [NEWS]

- Any KARA interviews or news clips will be found here! 


- Were you lucky enough to see KARA in person? Here are all the fancams!


- All fanmade videos will be found here!


- All of KARA's audio clips (can be fan made)!


- Check out these KARA radio appearances!


- Everything else KARA related!

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★ MV/PV 

[PV] Don't Stop (4K) - Nicole (ニコル)

[MV] Radio - JY

[MV] I'm Just Not Into You - JY

[PV] HAPPY - Nicole (ニコル)





[DRAMA] 160113 Higanbana E1 (Jiyoung) - Chinese Subtitles

[DRAMA] 160120 Higanbana E2 (Jiyoung) - Chinese Subtitles

[DRAMA] 160127 Higanbana E3 (Jiyoung) - Chinese Subtitles



[TV SHOW] 160116 SBS Shaolin Clenched Fists E12 (Hara)

[TV SHOW] 160122 MBC CEO Next Door E5 (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160123 eSportsTV 2 O'Clock Bubble Fighter Show (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160123 SBS Shaolin Clenched Fists E13 End (Hara)

[TV SHOW] 160124 KBS Dream Team (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160127 SBS Finding Genius (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160129 MBC CEO Next Door E6 (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160201 KBS Hello Counselor (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160205 MBC CEO Next Door E7 (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160207 KBS Gag Concert (Youngji Cut)

[TV SHOW] 160210 KBS Lunar New Year Special Bon Boon Olympic (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160212 MBC CEO Next Door E8 (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160219 MBC CEO Next Door E9 (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160220 SBS Farm Hands (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160219 Mnet Produce 101 E5 (Youngji) - Chinese Subtitles

[TV SHOW] 160223 KBS MV Bank Stardust (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160226 MBC CEO Next Door E10 (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160227 SBS Farm Hands (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160302 On Style Get It Beauty (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160302 tvN Wednesday Food Talk (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160304 MBC CEO Next Door E11 (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160309 On Style Get It Beauty (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160311 MBC CEO Next Door E12 (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160322 MBC Every1 Very Private TV E1 (Youngji Cut)

[TV SHOW] 160329 MBC Every1 Very Private TV E2 (Youngji Cut)

[TV SHOW] 160330 SBS The Ultimate Voice (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160401 Mnet Produce 101 E11 (Youngji Cut)

[TV SHOW] 160401 Buzz Rhythm (Nicole)

[TV SHOW] 160406 SBS The Ultimate Voice (Youngji)

[TV SHOW] 160406 MBC Every1 Very Private TV E3 (Youngji Cut)

[TV SHOW] 160412 MBC Every1 Very Private TV E4 (Youngji Cut)

[TV SHOW] 160419 MBC Every1 Very Private TV E5 (Youngji Cut)

[TV SHOW] 160420 SBS The Ultimate Voice (Youngji)


★ CF 



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