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I just got back from an amazing night and thought I’d share my experience :gemwin: For those who don’t know me I’ve been a diehard KARA fan for the past 8 years and Nicole has always been my favourite member (but I love them all so much). I’m finally in Japan on my year abroad and I’ve been waiting for a KARASIA concert but that’s obviously not going to happen, although this was still a dream come true. On the 1st of May she held 2 concerts at Theater Brava in Osaka, one at 14:30 and one at 18:30. I went to the later one.


I really wanted to get a concert T-shirt so I arrived 2 hours early but they were already sold out. The towel, large fan and tote bags were sold out too so I got the pen light, key holder and badges (set of 2, you can’t choose the designs). 


Since I arrived early only a few people were hanging around, and when the afternoon show ended some stayed because they were rich enough to afford tickets for both shows. I then heard some commotion nearby and realised that people were winning a chance to actually get to meet her :shocked: , and felt even more exasperated when I realised all I had to do was bring this paper that came together with the album I bought yesterday (it just says to bring it along to a sale event and I didn’t know they’d be selling the albums at the concert too):      


I think 3 people won it. This one guy actually ran to the ATMs to get more money and buy as many albums as he could to stand a chance to win, and he won an extra meet and greet ticket and gave it to his friend who started crying. I would too if I were her haha. An hour before doors opened they dragged out a board where we could write down questions we wanted to ask Nicole on post-it notes, and one of the staff members wrote down instructions to surprise Nicole by doing the ‘Crayon Shin-chan Dance’ during her title track, HAPPY. I wanted to ask Nicole if she’d be doing a tour around Asia but felt that they probably wouldn’t have time to answer all the questions anyway. And sure enough, they only managed to do 3 before time ran out.


It was really cool seeing what all the J-Kamilias were wearing as well. There were Bliss concert T-shirts, Chanel No. 5 inspired Nicole fanclub shirts, ‘Crazy About Nicole’ shirts, KARASIA gear, self-made designs (like the Damaged Lady one in the bottom left) and there was even one guy with a lanyard around his neck that carried a clear pouch with cut-outs of Nicole’s pictures and all the tickets to her shows.

tumblr_inline_o6i4383VSJ1r7fbxm_500.jpg tumblr_inline_o6i49q33J71r7fbxm_500.jpg

And then the doors finally opened~ I was pretty close to the stage considering the fact that I bought a lottery ticket. A staff member started handing out this pamphlet:

tumblr_inline_o6i4flSFLE1r7fbxm_500.jpg tumblr_inline_o6i4gz1Hyr1r7fbxm_500.jpg tumblr_inline_o6i4gzLwS41r7fbxm_500.jpg

It opened up into that big sign that said “Let’s walk together always” and at the back were instructions to give her another surprise by holding it up during her encore. Ngl, I teared up when I read it lol. First a few staff members came on stage to teach us the Crayon Shin-chan dance (the dance she does during the "Up and Down" part of HAPPY's 3rd chorus). When she finally appeared on stage I felt my fangirl heart burst into flames but had to control myself since majority of the Japanese audience (save for the overexcited fanclub boys singing HAPPY at the top of their lungs before it started) were very contained and calm. Most were middle aged men so there was a more serious, less crazy vibe. I just felt so proud, seeing her come this far after all these years. 



I might’ve forgotten the order of songs already, forgive me! She started off singing Something Special and sang a bunch of songs, including Precious Timewonderful babySay Good bye, and Need A Love from her new album. They played a few VTRs in between and she came back with her Game Corner, which surprised me because she invited 3 people from the audience to dance with her to KARA songs STEPJumpin’Jet Coaster Love, and Mister. It was hilarious because she’d forgotten everything, and understandably so since she had to learn so many new routines for her new album. She even admitted that during the afternoon show she did the butt dance facing the wrong direction :gemsorry:  I thought it was really sweet because she gave all three of them gifts that she had handpicked herself. She picked her favourite scented candles and bought them personalised candy.



I flipped out when she did LUNAR because it’s my favourite song on the album other than HAPPYDON’T STOP, and Something Special (unsurprisingly, all are Sweetune songs haha). She mentioned that she felt awkward at first practicing it since she had to dance and sing like she was a moon goddess. She also performed the Japanese version of Mama (I prefer the Korean one) and sang a beautiful live rendition of Memories (she said in the afternoon show she was so hungry that her stomach made a noise in the middle of the song and shocked her) and Nakashima Mika’s Glamorous Sky (she killed it and I had so many emotions). Her live voice was really good! I thought she would be exhausted after doing 2 shows in a row but she had a lot of stability and power.



During her Question Corner she begrudgingly accepted an audience member’s request to perform Gwiyomi, and then talked about her favourite hairstyles and, of course, food. She was super sweet and funny and exactly like how she is on TV, and she kept having problems with her Japanese (I completely understand lol) but of course the audience were really supportive. She said that she prefers brown hair, but she dyed her hair lighter colours because fans requested her to. Even though she bleached her hair thrice she couldn't get rid of the pink dye, so some of it is still left on her hair. When asked when she was the most happy, she said when she's in bed :gemshout: She also did FANTASYrecallBEST MAN, and 7-2=오해 from her First Romance album.



Then she sang HAPPY, came back with DON’T STOP (where we held up the red sign and I swear I saw her tear up slightly) and then did one final encore of HAPPY. She introduced her dance crew, who I have slowly started recognising after watching her solo performances. She said she's really good friends with them, and then added "I think that way, at least" and then complained about how they sometimes eat delicious food without her ^_^ Then she took a picture with the audience in the background, said she knows that there are people who came to all 4 shows, and also some who are completely new faces, but she appreciates every single one of us, and then said her final goodbye.



I ended the night wondering what might’ve happened if I had brought that silly event paper with me, but all in all it was an amazing night finally seeing her live ♥ One day I’ll get my picture and my life with be complete.



This is my first time posting in a forum so I got really confused with the formatting... My apologies! I posted this originally on

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Oh my god! You are a die hard Kamilia from Singapore and I didnt know you!! LOL! Thanks for the fan account! Nice to see some support from Singapore for Nicole for her debut concert!!! 

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Oh my god! You are a die hard Kamilia from Singapore and I didnt know you!! LOL! Thanks for the fan account! Nice to see some support from Singapore for Nicole for her debut concert!!! 

Hahaha I lay low! We should meet and spazz hehe, I went to their K5J showcase though~ I don't really know other Singaporean Kamilias ;___;

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