Favorite Karaholic Memories


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What are some of your favorite Karaholic memories? Let's share our stories from the past and present with old and new members! 




I remember first starting out as staff and was tasked with taking care of the streambox... it was hard to find a lot of active staff at the time so I built a small team with edr and r0nald and we cleaned up a good portion of the streambox together.. oh the memories! 


And how can I forget the Tuna days? I totally forgot how that even started! xD


I also won't forget the time in 2014 when me and kelsniff carried Kamilias and KARA on our backs and helped them win the Best Music Video award at the 2014 MTV EMAs. We spammed the Karaholic twitter and kelsniff voted at work (she worked at a phone store lol) and we beat out SNSD-TTS and Sistar! 



We fell behind but were in second place..



Then we pushed.. 







Here's a pic of the link when I clicked on it today.. haha




And the final result?? (skip to 4:35)




And I can't forget in 2015 when we bought Youngji the bracelet/hat/photobook and she wore the bracelet a few days later in public (on two different occasions) that I had bought for Karaholic and sent to Korea! I picked the charms myself!


The photobook we gave her also appeared on Roommate - Season 1. For me, this was the first project I got to lead that got a direct interaction from KARA! 






Airport photo while on a trip to Japan (140826):










On Roommate:






Your turn!

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My favourite moments in KH are the kamilias itself~

the moment when kamilias gathering in shoutbox, spazzing for several hours nonstop, and forgetting all of the homework. as far as i can remember - there's a day or two that we nonstop spazzing at really fast rate, laugh out loudly together.

update: WOW just found it on the diary! Here's the spazzing army at that time






@MarK RAfael

Also erica's radio show that makes KH really alive with tens of kamilias gather when the show goes live


the moment when the diary got 3 post per day!

Oh I forgot!

Also thanks to KH, I met some amazing generous kamilias that doing giveaway, i've got some kara collectibles which really hard to find here :) i dont have a lot of collection, so getting from KH (for free) is definitely a memories! Appy raffles! (thanks @wtimes3 and @emma86line) and KH admins that give me kara collection cd!

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Keep it simple, the Tuna war, my Jing reign, and all the time in shoutbox. Even managed to learn a few from fellow Kamilia.    

akuNinja, AppleJajing, Bboywing, Deaththekid, edr, Eljunra, hanuel, ilovekaramorethanthebeatles, Jappy, JinJing, LLL168, Mark rafael, NARKARA, Palaverist, Pengu & TOH JING HEN, Ronald222, Yongery, Whispering Angel, all the tunas, all the mods...    

Yep. Those are the important ones matter to mention.    

And JiYoung is still mine.

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Favourite memories in KH consists of becoming a staff and getting really involved in the Kamilia/KH community. I was able to make friends with the same interests, protect Kara, get to be really involved with the awesome projects KH held and of course, planning a few of the projects. 


Oh oh oh ohhhh! The main reason why I was on KH was cause of the couple threads hahaha! It was in 2011 when I shipped KARAx2PM and KARAxBEAST and KARAxAPINK hahahaha!! That was primarily the reason why I was here. Wait I lied, I was here so I could post my fanfics here too hahaha! All the spazzings in the threads there hehehehehe. I miss those days lmao. Oh! And I think when I was posting in the KARAxBEAST, I got noticed by Superkarafan, he/she made me a JIYOUNGxKIKWANG fanart! I was soooooo happy! That is one of the best memories I have on here haha!


The shoutbox, I remember it being called the spazzbox at the time. The shoutbox was really dead and I decided to just... spazz and let out my fangirliness. I think it was new at the time cause the participating members were kinda like (o_o). It was fun :D


One of my favourite memories while being in KH was the constant staying up late just for Kara and watching their comeback stages/shows with other Kamilias in the shoutbox. I remember that was around the time when r0nald222 was just a mod (in 2012-13?). He was really cool! Gradually, we helped each other grow in KH cause of our love for Kara and KH. 


Another is being in the dream thread about Kara (2013)! I've never felt so awesome dreaming about Kara! Especially Jiyoung! Ahh, all the vivid dreams of them! Documented on there! I was able to meet Narkara there! We talked a lot about dreams and I learned a lot bout dreams from him . We still talk about our dreams to each other which is totally awesome! 


When I became a staff, I always made sure to try to keep the community alive! I was a FB coordinator and had Kamilias play some games on FB and have them involve with a certain thread from KH.Then I became a mod and moderated all these threads, the job was so asdfghjkl, I really felt like I was protecting Kara lol. THEN I became Supermod and helped out with a lot of staff stuff in the forums. All of this is just nostalgia!! I wanna cry!!! 


I remember having fun with the Tunas lmao. It was... pretty dramatic in the shoutbox with all those emojis shooting and bombing each other. 


And Maa (Hitsukid), Jiyoung isn't yours lol. 


And and and, I liked competing with Beatles with posting in every thread! I wanted to be a top poster! I remember there was a ranking in KH! I wanted to be first! Don't remember much, but I liked competing in greeting new members with him xD. 


Another is meeting Jappy on here. We were really cheesy with each other. It was really fun on KH. There was even a giveaway in our name lmao. It was the Appy Giveaway by wtimes and emma! Something I will definitely not forget! 


You know when like you see people around and you've never really spoken to them until you found out they like the same thing you like too? Well, Angelsantuary and I were just like that lmao! It was on KH here that we found out we both LOVE Flower hahahaha! It was so epic! I was in the time of loving Jpop for the first time and she was there pwuahahahaha! 


The radio show in 2013 when Kara was nearing comeback for Damaged Lady. I think it was Aly who took care of the radio show. It was fun^^ 


The PUZZLES on the bottom of every page with the Jumping themed forum! They were the BESTTT!!! I miss them T_T


Will come up with more if I remember xD

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Hmm Hello Karaholic, and all my dear friends......
Sorry for returning back after such a long time without shameful feeling........
Yep, a lot of cheerful memories for me along the years passed by, since 3rd June 2013, also the first year i fanned on KARA as a KAMILIA, and also the first fandom I ever joined, first, no doubt.......
In the beginning, I thought that this place, Karaholic had so many awesome fans and staffs when I was reading those posts, I was like feeling myself such faraway from the grade of you all, and I think the moment when I discovered "Shoutbox" almost made my day, i cannot remember well about the first time for me in Shoutbox, I thought everyone is going to be very strict or honourable to be close with before that, but after chatting with them, I felt so happy and seemed like found a new family outside there in the world...... i still remembered they were Narkara, ilovekaramorethanthebeatles, Hitsukid (Once maa7895), and many Tunas (I cannot distinguish out them already) welcomed me for the first day, ah and also Apple and Ronald senior....... and then along the year 2013 and 2014, I would come to this place everyday with one or two hours, spending time on the most weird and funny conversation, and got to know a lot of friends, MarkRafael, LLL168, MoonShadow, Pengu, Paul, Lukas hyung, and once we had PikaBleu, edr49890, hanueljhen, iamrookie, Kevin, viperion, fishball, JinJing and many other good friends i cannot list them out......
Then, Hitukid (maa bro) ever gave some advice for me to my diary posts, and JinJing, Hitsukid and many other member here would like my posts, it was also the first time I gained some confidence for my poor writing on this fansite........ In my heart, i always thought they will always at here, we will always be here, for each other.......
Afterwards, sharing blissful memories here with all my sweet KARA members, GyuRi, SeungYeon, HaRa, Nicole, JiYoung and SungHee, was such a precious treasure for me, whenever they held for a coming back, i can feel my heartbeat fast and I can boosted out my love towards them at here, Karaholic, endlessly...... This is always the most wonderful fandom paradise for me, everything seemed to be so cool and at the same time so warm for me..........
Later, Ronald and many other creditable admins, created the new display for Karaholic banners everytime, would give me such a big surprise....... And those admins who in charge with Karaholic monthly issue, (Sorry I cannot list out the name cause of my poor memories) they are so awesome and I felt that teamwork and commitment Karaholic family had gave were and will be such a big power to protect Karaholic invulnerably....... 
And the last thing I want to say, the most favourite moment for me at here Karaholic, will be, there are dear friends still remember about me and my name even appeared above this topic's posts, even when Im already disappeared for maybe one year long, (Thank you Hitsukid and Lukas hyung) im so grateful to be able to meet with you all and proud to own a piece of beautiful memories at here with Karaholic......
AHHH I almost forgot to say!!!! Thank you Appy Giveaway which ever gave me the most precious present!!!!^^ And also Lupang, thank you for the signed Nicole album!!!!^^ I never got one CD from the idol which got the signature on it^^
*Thank you also flamestalker for your truly contribution towards Karaholic^^
*Ah, and forgot also, thank you ilovekaramorethanthebeatles senior for encouraging me to be a dedicated KAMILIA....

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favorite Karaholic memories?  


during tunas era ofc :)  :energetic:  we shouts..n shouts..n shouts agn..then agn..agn..n agn, having war in shoutbox..till SB broken :gemheart:  ..coz too many emos n pictures, lol..n i think i gt few warning for damaging SB, haha.. we shouts till we cant shouts, wait for mods to repair SB n then shouts agn :gemhappy:   :gemhappy:  :gemhappy: n also spam in threads..err..i mean posting :D

  then DamagedLady comeback, its all abt vote,vote,vote,vote,vote..lol, vote here n there.. (thx to vpn thing) muhahaaa...   


thts all :)  


p/s : i gt alot of fav moments in here..juz dunno how to write it properly :P adios          

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