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[Other]Kara History Mix '19

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Dedicated to those who love Hara. This audio fix is a mix up of KARA songs taken from their CD albums I brought about 6 years ago, along with others I borrow on somewhere um. It's the longest audio mix I ever did, I do want to keep it as short as possible, but Kara break my record. It is supposed to have an intro music, which that part end up too long and I think maybe it's better to separate them into two tracks. And in case someone may see this word UAEaudoimx, because another someone asked me 14 years ago, but it does not stand for United Arab Emirates, it means Ultimate Audio Experience pardon me, I come from South China. By the way, I do have Fin.K.L album White which hold their iconic track Forever Love, I read that Hara like them too.

I thought I would never do a remix again, maybe it's not a remix at not, at least not a typical one. It was indeed senior K-Pop DJs who inspired me to do audio mix in the first place, back how many years ago I don't remember, their works are great for sure. I got bullied since middle school. You don't feel that much at first, you didn't even realize, but as time goes by, aftermath increase, to a level until you can hardly stay alive, or stay the same.

Kara, my first strong impression is, Honey perhaps. I can still remember watching them in a music bank show on TV, and each member was telling the MC about their appeal charm such as Nicole with her crescent-moon eyes that winning the fans and saying sorry about that, I think there're just kidding (they're indeed talented) and they're so cute I mean from the bottom of their heart. I usually prefer ballads or bands, but somehow I brought a couple of Kara's albums eventually. Now most CD shops are closed down, I should be their last customers, now I have no place to go, no money, no friend and no place to go.

Kpop is unique, I see kindness from it, and a feeling of closeness, I'm thankful. I left the music world 4-5 years ago, I mean environment change, living condition change, life change whether you like it or not. I don't know much in Kpop recent years, I mean I'm kind of shut down myself and become not interested in any thing belong to this world, this world has no interest in me. It was by chance I read about the news of Hara, then she lead me to Sulli, and only few days ago I learn about SHINee who they have member lost too. I rarely check any news, but somehow I browse to that section in the midnight of 25th last month, or 26th I'm not sure, I don't know why I would do that, then I was shocked.

To Hara, I am sorry for loving you too late, I wish you the best of happiness wherever you are now. You give something precious to people, and that something will pass on and on, such as your courage which I lack of. I like Hara not because of her physical appeal, I mean I never saw any singer any skin color would chat with fans, casually before bedtime. It's her kind, innocent and beautiful soul that attracts me, and her brave personality I can see she is always, and forever is. The world is so complicated, good people can hardly live I just know that. Just remember Hara would reply fans instant message, I mean not a robotic thank you or mechanic hi, or official no comment, but a sentence after thinking up with emotion, not me I just read the posts here. I'll remember Hara as the kind, strong and brave pretty honey girl as always. Miss U, With My Heart, I Am...(ing), I just can't stop thinking of you, but I better stop here or this will never be ending, this world will never be the same without you,

Forever Love Hara & Kara

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Miss You Mix cannot be downloaded oops, you can try these links (the same)

The sound quality on both links are lower, but should be enough for most people under most conditions including me, they're the same quality to my songs in mobile device or music player.

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Kara Beautiful Mix

Today is a special day, beautiful day, born of a star
Miss you Hara
Fighting Kara
We love you

Should I not start a new topic, thank you everyone dropping by. Beautiful Mix just finished today, can't wait to share with Kamilia, only with Kamilia, it was only very recently I remember the birthday of Hara, spent some nights non-sleep to have it done like the last time(can't remember how many times I shed tears the whole process, and sometimes still now listen to their music), it may looks easy but not for me, I may have some experience but I'm not a professional guy(otherwise I wouldn't be no ..., and no room to keep all CD albums now and I'm not sure if I still have Fin.K.L albums inside the paper box not easy to reach but at least I had it, and of course converted to high quality computer files like all the rest), but I did try the best with heart. This one is more fit with the name Miss You Mix, but it was used last year aw, so I think maybe Birthday Mix, while I think Beautiful Mix is better because it applies to all members of Kara, fighting! or Miss You Mix 2

There is a flaw in History Mix at 04:51 if you listen carefully, during Honey section, transition not sync in time, which I just noticed afterward, I missed it last year and I feel sorry for that, think I should just leave it history 2019, considering just a minor flaw and it's in fact not easy to fix it now. It may looks nothing but there is a transition there. Maybe I'm a little bit perfectionism sometimes, I'm Virgo, and I read that it's one of the stars best fit for Capricorn, anyway I wish everyone the best in whatever you're doing now, in the new year 2020 and on.

It was the 25th last November midnight, I find the screenshot taken by then which the file name is dated, I mean the file name is make up of the date and time you know.


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KARA Beautiful Mix Ver.II aka the Glorious K-pop Mix for Tomorrow

Beautiful Mix Version II has a different arrangement after Jumping, featuring


additional groups Four Minute, After School and Brown Eyed Girls who are the foundations of project group 4 Tomorrow along with Kara (Seung Yeon, Uie, Hyun Ah, Gain) back 10 years ago which is considered to be the glorious era of K-pop according to many people's comment. I'm glad I did buy Brown Eyed Girls 3rd album back then, Sound-G, the song How Come (Hitchhiker-Jinu Dynamic Mix) is so cool isn't it, the album can't be found on spotify. I actually wanted the original version but I don't have it. After School, Because Of You don't fit the tune in Beautiful Mix but I want to add it so badly, that's a hard point. It's a beautiful song but the single is kind of expensive aww, but I like the artwork so I'm sold. 4minute has a UAEaudiomix back 7 years ago, looking for a suitable channel to share it, their international forum is likely unavailable now.

It's not perfect but I did the best, KARA forever, legend never ends!

Live the best for Hara, the beautiful girl
Everyone who listen to it is beautiful too

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KARA Magic Mix

Hey happy smile! Magic Mix focus on the songs of Japan, the beautiful island country. Magic Mix is originally named as Island Mix.


I don't have the high quality version of Ima-Okuritai-Arigatou, what you hear is in fact With All My Heart (Dear Kamilia) the Korean song, but the music part should be the same. Umbrella was planned but I forgot to put it in aww, I only realize missing it after Island Mix is done. (bow)

Life is short, life is all about mistakes, misses, wrong timing, wrong place but, as long as people ever existed in the same time phase of life, maybe this is the magic, wealth or poor should makes no boundary, the same goes to young or old, illness or healthy, black or white, beauty or not.

Shh... don't share, don't tell no one, unofficial remixes may have copyrights confliction, while I suppose share with fans silently is okay, low profile, but still I would suggest anyone not to keep any file. Do buy the original albums of KARA, try the best alright. Gyuri may know where to find a CD shop, remember her Insta has a related photo not long ago. Cherish Tokyo 2020 by the way, love Japan.

When there is kindness, there is goodness, when there's goodness, there's magic. Sometimes, forgiveness give happiness. I see some people do not understand Hara, those don't understand kindness. Where there is Hara, there is happy smile, when there's happy smile, there's magic mix. The world needs to think again what is technology, what is intelligence, what is their purpose of existence, and just because it's what's done doesn't mean it's what should be done. I'm only a lizard, not a footman, enjoy it while it lasts, quotes from Cinderella.

I think it over that, perhaps a credit will make it feel better other than listening something without a source or name, if then Kay, or Kamilia Kay perhaps, but it's all about Hara, not for me, my name is not important, I wish all credits go to Hara, I wish she can listen to them.

Thank you Kara for the beautiful songs
Hey Happy Smile is from Hara

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