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Hey everyone! With KARA’s comeback coming really soon in a few weeks, what are your hopes or expectations for their comeback? 

I’ll start with mine : I hope we get to see a lot of Youngji x Nicole and Jiyoung interactions as I’ve never seen them together before! I also hope they’ll perform a OT5 version of Mamma Mia and Cupid and Pandora and … basically all their previous hits during the MAMA Awards! And I wonder who will sing Hara’s parts!

For their album, I hope they’ll dedicate a song for Hara 😭🙏

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On 2022-11-12 at 11:50 AM, Jappy said:

Right now we are seeing a lot of ColeJi interactions, I'm excited to see JiyoungJi more! And I agree, I also want to see Mamma Mia & Cupid and all other songs performed by JiNi!

I hope they do a tribute for Hara 🥺❤️

I find it so funny that both of them have similar names (Youngji and Jiyoung)

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