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I've noticed a trend over the years - that many Japanese-focussed releases will come in BluRay* varieties, whilst many Korean-focussed releases will be DVD.

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, this made sense: One reason BluRay was popular in Japan was because many had PS3s, which was (at the time) the most affordable Bluray player on the market (along with benefits such as being a gaming console).

So it made sense that more people would buy BluRay Disc in Japan than Korea. 
The thing is, though - this means that for archival or desires to watch things in higher quality, many of the concerts or shows are limited to Standard Definition DVDs. Even if they didn't go for 'mass release', it would be nice to have the (potential) for higher quality.

I know there's an (over) reliance for streaming services and platforms -- but these can't be trusted to be around forever; nor are they available in every country. Further, with YouTube re-encoding videos constantly, it means that any quality video uploaded there is slowly degrading over time (and, it wasn't until a couple years ago that people worked out how to dial in export settings from programs like premiere to minimise this impact).

Does anyone else care about, or bothered, by all this? Or am I the only media-puritan who thinks about this stuff? 🤪🤣

* The Kara Animation Project and Urakara seem to have only ever been released in DVD too -- I suspect cost-cutting again for very niche products

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