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Total smexy nicole... Juz look at da 'butt dance'... who's da best? I would definitly say nicole(sry bout being super bias). But its kinda true rite?... Eh, but i was wondering when did she become so smexy, perhaps after she cut her hair or?...

But every k-pop band nids 1 these kind of member, which is an attraction i guess :tongue: . oh, nt 2 forget about nicole's happy go lucky attitue. It bends well wif sexiness=)

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yeah, she definately gave herself the sexy role in the group ... especially with dance moves like that..haha! i remember that performance with Sunha.

everyone was surprised at what she wore. i hope she gets to display this side more.. it's not raunchy she classy smexy

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I have to say that Nicole's body has gotten much more curvier now because she sure does have a very sexy body. I hope that DSP Media can let Nicole show off a much more sexier side of her, but not way too sexy though because I know that people in South Korea are conservative and they might not be happy with Nicole doing risque dances

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I think Nicole can pull off any style! :adore: Cute, cool, gorgeous and SEXY is a definite.

Her sexyness come not just from her body figure and clothes that she wore but also from her facial expression like the way she smirk, smile and gaze :gemadmire: . Nicole got smexy spell on her anytime that she wants it :gemnoway: . AWWWW NICOLE IS SO SOO SOOO AWESOME!!! :geminluv:

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