[Other] Maknae and SNSD's TaeYeon same outfit?


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I really like to see when idols wear the same thing or similar things esp. Kara and SNSD. They both look adorable as usual and they both make the outfits work in their own way which makes it even better. I saw the same thread on Soshified and I said the same thing then ^.^ Just like the Seungyeon and Tiffany thread on here, all are my favorite members in both groups and they all make their outfits work.

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The way TY wears it makes her look cute while JY looks more stylish/cool.

LOL i was just going to say that. You'd think it'd be the opposite, since Jing is like 6-ish years younger than Taeyeon, but... the roles are reversed in this picture? haha.

but both of them look great (:

There's a lot of SNSD/KARA clothes threads now. haha.

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